Biography<br />
Birth name: Alex Samson<br />
Born: Jan 4,<br />
Kaduna, North Romi, Nigeria<br />
Origin Kogi State, Nigeria<br />
Genres: Hip hop<br />
Occupations: Rapper, singer, songwriter, video director<br />
Years active 2012–present<br />
Labels Lexy records<br />
Associated acts<br />
JJC Skillz KCee, Ice Prince, Klever Jay, DeeBee Collabo, J-Tunez, 2face, 9ice, Tipsy, 2Kriss, TeebeeO<br />
Website: kinglexy.com<br />
Alex Samson (born January 4,), better known by this stage name King Lexy a Nigerian rap artist, he was Born to a family of two, he lived with his Grand Parents through out his school days, till he eventually moved out of the Ghetto.<br />
Given the name Alex Samson, King Lexy never saw his biological father since the day he was born on January 4/1984 in ABU General Hospital, Kaduna. Raised by his mother and Grand Parents, Samson and Rebecca Odaudu, together with his Antis, little Lexy had developed a profound interest in melodic tunes, particularly rap music. "he always liked rapping," he admitted. "I rapped every chance he got." Calling himself little pac, he then started to join some talent competitions around his hometown at the age of 13<br />
Life was not really easy for him while he was growing up, but due to the determination he had in life to achieve his dreams, he was able to fight it hard and rough through out his school days till he eventually graduated from College. lexy grew up to be a strong man because he had to do some kind of odd jobs just to earn a living, but that has always been a story that he will live to tell.<br />
While growing up, he loved hip-hop & R&B and some of the artists who inspired him were Tupac, R kelly and Jay Rule . When his friends heard his perfect tenor voice, they eventually encouraged him to drop a rap and he did just that. lexy performed at many talent shows and won many prizes and awards at his younger age. lexy have also met a lot of artists with whom he have worked with behind the scenes. Along the line no one was there to support him and none believed in him and his dreams, so his grand parents whom lexy was staying with decided to encourage him to finish high school first, and then they could talk about a possible music career.<br />
After a period of hard work and struggling, lexy eventually got a certificate in school and immediately moved to London to continue with his studies and music career. while in London, lexy stayed with his mum who further encouraged and gave me all the support he needed to achieve his dream. After achieving a huge success in the musical line, lexy eventually moved back to Nigeria to set up a malty million naira records label in Kaduna Nigeria which was known all over the city<br />
As time goes on lexy started recording dropping mix tapes and also working on his own songs.. in 2008 lexy joined a group called (nice t cube), before dropping down to be a solo artist were he started appearing on musical videos, mix tapes, singles and also on x-tacy`s debut album 2007, as well as striking out his own single "Naija rubber band" which was a solo cut from one of lexys soundtrack. During that period, while he was working on his debut album It's Game Time, he also had other collaborations with J-blaq, A.T, Deebee Collabo, Stine Richard as well as dropping some street-level mix tapes. and his proper debut, naija rubber band, which was released by Lexy Records in 2008.<br />
Now in Dec 2009, the single 'I Bet She Want Me' helped to make ready his first album, while In 2010 summer, he successfully dropped the 'Naija Rubber Band Remix' with various Nigerian/UK artists, before his debut album 'It's Game Time' came to be in June 2010.<br />
JJC in 2010. Lexy was among the audience who were called to the stage at the African music award, the enthusiastic guy eagerly displayed his rhyming skills in hausa, in front of the crowd without any hesitation. Much to Lexy`s surprise, he was invited to go backstage where JJC later revealed his intention to make him part of the BigBoyz Entertainment as the Hausa Rapper.<br />
he Gladly accepted this offer, and shortly after Lexy and JJC the C.E.O drop a hausa single "Na Who" which sold over 230.000 copies on ITunes and a great video which was shoot at Brighton beach in the U.K, he afterwards went around U.K. and Nigeria for a massive tour...<br />
In 2011 Lexy pulled out 7.000 Fans with the "Na Who" single ft. JJC at the afro beat festival at the Hammersmith Apollo in London along side some of the top Nigerian artist like WizKid, Ice Prince, P-Square, JJC and the BigBoyz Allstars, and Banky W,<br />
Not only gave Lexy a great experience, JJC also took him to TeeBeeO, a music producer who had previously Record artists such as JJC, Tipsy, Noni, 2kriss,and many more artists to reach their popularity. TeeBeeO Noticed his potentiality, Lexy started recording with TeebeeO to collect materials for his next album concrete jungle. During this process, TeebeeO managed to contribute his vocal in Lexy`s single "E GET AS E BE" which was the follow up song for "Na Who" 2010...<br />
In 2011 he drop a new single with Kcee from the ex-group Kc-Presh "ROMA" which as sold over 215.000 copies on Itunes so far. and he also went on tour in U.K/Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Dubai and other counties with a great stage performance.<br />
in 2011 October And he waxes romantic on "Make You Dey GO," which features R&B stars. Klever Jay & J-Tunez. "It's me talking to a lady I knew back when I didn't have much," he says. "We knew each other and we always felt like it was an attraction, but she was dealing with somebody who had way more than him, who could do way more for her at the time. But now I'm like, 'What he got that I ain't got besides you right now? Time will tell, so get it right'."<br />
Lexy would likely rise to be one of the most influential rappers in Nigerian music industry, King Lexy could also strive to be a celebrated screen star as well. Included in the cast of "Street Star" Lexy have made a lavish deal with God to lead its sitcom, "Lexy" (2013), in which he set to portray none other than himself. A successful artist with a list of accomplishment behind him, he really has surpassed the guys of his generation to embrace world's recognition. his currently working on his next album "Concrete Jungle" that will feature other artists like JJC Skillz, 2face, 9ice, Kcee, Ice Prince, Dee Bee Collabo, J-Tunez, Davido, Klever Jay, Noni, Tipsy, Sainty, Blue Villa, Wacomzy, e.t.c<br />
lexy work so hard to come so far he said i thank my star. In life we live to learn, and i learnt that the only way you could get anywhere in life is to belive in God and work hard towards it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win-if you don't, you loose.<br />
<br />
Personal life<br />
Alex love to have friends that can inspire him to do his music. and his also a cool guy and he never care about what people talk about him. he just love living a good life to be happy He is also personal friends with Kcee, JJC, Wacomzy, Klever Jay, J-Tunez, V.I.P Ghana and the fellow Crock City rappers/R&B Artists.<br />
In March 2008, Alex purchased a 2.8 private wooded acres with a 3,891-square-foot residence in Abuja Gwarinpa , a small community southwest of Abuja Nigeria. The residence includes 5-bedroom, 3-bath eco-friendly, Brazilian Koa floors, stainless steel appliances, a separate guest house, and a lavish master suite with high ceilings. He currently resides there and his 4-bedroom, residence in crawley west sussex london with his mum Sally.

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