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  • Mistakes to Avoid While Starting a Photography Business If you’re looking to know how to start a photography business, you may first want to learn about the mistakes being discussed below so that you can avoid them going forward. Starting a photography business seems to have become relatively easy lately compared to how it was a decade back or so. However, this too is a reason for the growing competition. Read more at: http://www.khojindya.com/how-to-start-a-photography-business/
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  • Are You Ready to start Your Photography Business Running a business isn’t for everybody. Just because you enjoy photography doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to start a business out of it. When you start a photography business you take on a lot of responsibilities that have nothing to do with taking photos. Read more at: http://www.khojindya.com/how-to-start-a-freelance-photography-business/
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  • 4 ways to increase twitter engagement Gaining twitter followers but not seeing an increase in engagement can be frustrating. No matter how many followers you have, you’ll need to them to engage with your posts in order to successfully earn online. Depending on what your goals are, different engagement metrics will be of more value to you. For example, re-tweets would be more valuable than likes for branding. Here are 4 different things you can try to help boost the engagement you see from your followers, which will help you make money. Visit: http://www.khojindya.com/tag/make-money/
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  • Rising Cases of Online Scams and How to Get Around Them Recently, many shocking incidences are being reported about people losing a huge amount of money to online scams, hacking, and other such activities. Online scams are something that has been a curse of online marketing for quite a few decades now. Visit: http://www.khojindya.com/tag/online-jobs/
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