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  • Why short men should wear fitted quality clothes? The short people are generally not taken seriously and this can be very irritating for anybody. This calls for the style tips for short men. These style tips are easy to follow and handy and let you feel taller and in control. The men who dress up properly and elegantly know about the boost of confidence it gives to them. The better you are dressed the more seriously people take you. This is actually because the good dressing reflects the amount of respect you give to yourself and the more you respect yourself the more will the people around you. First of all you must select the color tone that suits you and your complexion. The color tone can be warm or cool. Not all fair skinned people look good in greys and not all the dark complexioned people look good in bright colors. This is because the color tone of each individual is different. The warm color tone go best with the shades of orange while the cool color tones are best reflected via shades of blue. The second thing that you must be careful about is the quality of your clothes and accessories. According to the fashion tips for short men it is always a wise idea to invest in quality clothes that could be just a few but would up your oomph factor when you wear them. Quantity is not an issue with the short men because if you have low quality clothes in abundance they are of no use for you enhance your personality instead you must invest in few high quality clothes that will help you feel confident and make a mark wherever you go. The whole point of wearing clothes is just not to cover yourself up or be comfortable in them rather it is much more than that. A dress is your identity as you are known by what kind of clothes you wear and it reflects your choices and the amount of respect you give to your own self. The most important of all the things that you must consider while buying high end clothes is the fit. If your clothes o not fit you properly there is no big brand in the world that will look good on you. The fit means that the clothes are closely hugging your silhouette without breaking away from your torso. The ants too need to be fitted in order to give you that lean and tall look. The pants that are flared or those that are loose will give you not only a shabby look but also will make you look shorter. The baggy or oversized shirts and T-shirts are a big no when it comes to fashion tips for short men. The clothes that you buy should compliment you and not bring you down. This is a very important lesson to learn as many short statured men would like to be dressed casually which the greatest mistake one can make as far as fashion goes. For more information's visit
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