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  • FOCUS 3 Goal Setting In order to go after the dream/vision God has given us, we must have focus to our moments. Goals are descriptions of what we want to accomplish. They are dreams with deadlines.
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  • FOCUS 2: Mission Mission asks the question: What am I to focus on this year? This mission/statement of purpose becomes written on your heart to affect your daily living/priorities/decisions.
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  • FOCUS 1: Vision God invites us into His epic story. Our stories become epic when what we want is what God wants. The question before us is: What does God want in my story? How can I glorify God in my story? What is the vision He has put in my heart?
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  • Blessed are the persecuted... God rewards those who live for His Glory. People must be told that if they follow Christ, there is a price to pay...the persecuted are in good company with many from the Bible.
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  • Loving Community Audio teaching to accompany Lesson 8 of the Truth Project. The Church (loving community)was birthed in the upper room outpouring. The early church was the real deal. They were full of life, uncomplicated, lovers of God...discover 6 keys to loving community that were cultivated.
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  • Blessed are the peacemakers... Jesus is our source of peace...peacemaking is not a natural human quality~ it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Peacemaking is reconciling man to God. We are Christ's ambassadors to reconcile people to God; a peacemaker is one who restores peace and reconciliation between people and God.
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  • Blessed are the pure in heart Jesus is always concerned about the condition of the heart. The religious system of Jesus' day was all about behavior and conduct~ looking at the outward. This teaching was a total contradiction to the teachers of the "law". A pure heart is one that does not bring mixed motives and divided loyalties into its relationship with God.
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  • Blessed are the merciful... As I contemplate what God has done for me, my attitude toward everyone else will be completely changed. I understand that the god of this age has blinded them and that they are people living in darkness, which is where I would still be, but for the grace of God. I can be merciful because mercy has been poured upon me.
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  • Blessed are those who hunger.. Jesus says that God blesses us when we yearn for righteousness with the same kind of intensity that a famished person hunts for something to eat...what do you hunger for? What do you thirst after? The Lord will give you according to your hunger.
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  • Blessed are the meek... The way we are called to live is totally contradictory to the way of the world (or self). God calls us into the "upside down" Kingdom. Meekness is a gift of the Holy Spirit~ to be meek means that you have finished with yourself all together.
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