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Vantha Naal Muthal (tms-paava Mannippu) …cover by gopi

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Movie : Paava Mannippu
Language : Tamil
Year : 1961
Starring : Sivaji Ganesan, Gemini Ganesan, M. R. Radha, Savitri
Original Singer : T.M. Soundararajan
Original Music Score : Viswanathan Ramamoorthy
Original Lyrics by : Kannadasan
Awards : 1961: First South Indian film to receive the National Film Award for Second Best Feature Film.
Essence of the notes below courtesy Wikipedia.

Note :

(1) One of my favourite oldies that I've been wanting to sing. The lyrics (by who else but the legendary Kannadasan) which I am going to post below in English translation just amazes me each time I listen to this song. If I got hooked on to Kishore in Hindi during my primary school years, in parallel & in equal intensity, the Tamil singer that I got hooked on to was the mighty T.M. Soundararajan, a conqueror by any standards. TMS, as he is fondly referred to has sung over 20,000 film songs from more than 5,000 films (3,000 of which are devotional, classical songs). He had also given classical concerts since 1945. In a career spanning over 6 decades he has recorded film songs in 11 languages including, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and other Indian languages.

(2) G. Dhananjayan in his book Pride of Tamil Cinema - 1931 to 2013 wrote that "Major plus point for the success of the film was invigorating music and scintillating songs by Vishwanathan — Ramamoorthy". Randor Guy of The Hindu wrote that "Kannadasan’s lyrics contributed significantly to the success of the film" and also noted that "music by Viswanathan-Ramamurthi played a great part in Pava Mannippu’s success".

(3) The story of this movie, Paava Mannippu is so ahead of its time & relevant to the one of the key issues facing the world. The gist - Three children adopted from their by birth homes and raised by foster parents grow up in Muslim, Christian and Hindu households.

(4) Here is the awesome 55 year old lyrics :

(Pallavi/ Anupallavi)
Vandha naal mudhal

Vandha naal mudhal indha naal varaai
Vaanam maaravilai
Vaan madhiyum meenum kadal kaatrum
Malarum mannum kodiyum solayum nadhyium maaravillai
Mandihan maari vittan
Madhathil eri vittan

From the day we came here
Till today
The sky hasn’t changed
The moon in the sky, the stars, the fish, the oceans, the wind
The flowers, the earth, the creepers, the orchids, the rivers haven’t changed
But man has changed
He has climbed on religion

(1st charanam)
Nilai maarinaal gunammaaruvan
Dhinamjaadhiyum bedhamum kooruvan
Adhu vedham vidhi endrodhuvan
Manidhan maari vittan
Madhathil eri vittan

When his status changes, he will change his character
Every day he will preach about caste and the differences
He will say it’s in the scriptures and call it fate
Man has changed
He has climbed on religion

(2nd charanam)
Paravayai kandaan vimaanam padaithaaan
Paayum meenil padaginai kandan
Edhiroli kettan vaanoli padaithaan
Edhanai kandan madham thanai padaithan
Edhani kandaan panam thanai padaithaan?
Manidhan maari vittan

He saw the bird and invented the plane
He saw the fish and invented the ship
The echo he heard and he invented radio
What did he see that made him invent religion?
What did he see that made him invent money?
Man has changed

(3rd charanam)
Inbamum kaadhalaum iyarkayin niyadhi
Etra thaazhvugal manidhanin jaadhi
Paaril iyarkai padaithadhai ellam
Paavi manidhan pirithu vaithane

Pleasure and love are the way of life
Ups and downs are the caste of Man
All that was created on the earth
The sinner, Man, has separated

Disclaimer : This song is not intended for any commercial release and carries no commercial value whatsoever. It is a cover version for family, friends, well wishers and lovers of such music. They are posted solely out of a passion for singing them and also out of the greatest respect and highest admiration for each and everyone involved in the original compositions/ production. Anyone sharing/ distributing is doing it without my knowledge at his own will and risk and shall bear all consequences arising out of their actions.

Licence : All Rights Reserved