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i love soft music,mainly old indian film songs.i die hard fan of Lata Mangeshkar.hope will meet like minded
people here.will try to upload my karaoke covers here.

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  • dil bekarar sa hai
    dil bekarar sa hai movie-Ishara lyrics-Majrooh sultan puri music-kalyanji Anandji original singer-Lataji cover-kala vijay My dear friends,Happy new year to all of you.2017 was not a nice year for me musically.but personal front it was a great year.i stayed away for long from music due to house hold affairs.and sorry for not being active here.i will try my best to be here more regular from now.i missed so many lovely uploads.will try to catch up those too.this is my first upload of 2018 and i wanted to start with a pleasant song.this song has both male and female versions,by Rafi saab and Lataji.hope you all will enjoy my attempt..thank you everyone for listening.once again sorry for being absent for so long.
    kalavijay 00:03:09 68 0 Downloads 25 Comments
  • chandan sa badan by kala vijay
    chandan sa badan by kala vijay movie-Saraswati chandra lyrics-Indeevar Music-Kalyan ji -Anandji original singer-Lataji. dear friends,this song needs no introduction.such a golden classic it is.and as there is both male and female versions are there,its appeal is more i think.hope my musical friends with like my effort.thank you in advance for your feed back.
    kalavijay 00:03:54 160 0 Downloads 36 Comments
  • apne jeewan ki uljhan ko -karaoke cover by kala vijay
    apne jeewan ki uljhan ko -karaoke cover by kala vijay Dear friends, this heart touching melody was in my wishlist for long time.hope all of you will like my effort.the movie and song were very much popular when released.this song has both male and female versions.male version is by Kishor Kumar.thank you so much for listening and your feed back. movie-Uljhan lyrics-M.G.Hashmat music-Kalyanji -Anandji original singer-Lata ji
    kalavijay 00:04:36 130 0 Downloads 27 Comments
  • jeevan dor tumhi sang bandhi-kala vijay My dear friends,no words to explain how much i love this song.so serene,soft and classy..hope you all enjoy my effort on it. movie-sati savithri lyrics-bharat vyas music-Laxmikant-Pyarelal original singer-Lataji
    kalavijay 00:03:28 100 0 Downloads 23 Comments
  • Teri Rahon mein khade hai by kala vijay
    Teri Rahon mein khade hai by kala vijay A heart touching melody from the 60's which is very close to my heart.hope my musical friends will also like it.thank you so much for listening. movie-chalia lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi. music-kalyanji - anandji original singer-Lata ji.
    kalavijay 00:04:06 136 0 Downloads 25 Comments
  • Dheere Dheere Machal  by kala vijay
    Dheere Dheere Machal by kala vijay a very soft romantic song from the black and white era which i love..it is one of my all time fav.now we are able to get most of our favourite track online.hope all of you will enjoy it in my voice. movie-Anupama. lyricist-Kaifi azmi music-Hemant kumar original singer -Lata ji thank you so much for your time and feed back.
    kalavijay 00:04:00 157 0 Downloads 33 Comments
  • le tho aye ho hame  my mix 26 feb,
    le tho aye ho hame my mix 26 feb, movie-Dulhan wohi jo piya man bhaye lyrics-Ravindra jain music-Ravindra jain original singer-Hemalatha. this track was also found recently.was regularly checking for it.though it is not a lataji song,it is one of my most fav.and very close to my heart.a lots of memories about this movie and song.this movie was running into packed housed in delhi for months even for one year.such a huge hit on those days.hope my friends will like my attempt of this lovely song of Hemalataji.thanks in advance for your time.
    kalavijay 00:03:44 196 1 Downloads 36 Comments
  • Mere Mehboob Shayad Aaj Kuch-Kala  Vijay
    Mere Mehboob Shayad Aaj Kuch-Kala Vijay This song may be considered rare one.but not for me.always on my fav.list.such a wonderful composition.and this is not a lataji song too.i was in search of a track for so long time for this one.finally i got it.and i immediately covered it.thank you so much Naqvi saab for your magical mixing.and sorry i took some more time to upload this.a bit slow these days. movie-kitne paas kitne door. lyrics-D.S.Sultania music-Chand Pardesi original singer-Chandrani Mukherji
    kalavijay 00:05:08 179 0 Downloads 28 Comments
  • Jumme ki raat ho ya din-cover kala vijay and satyendra
    Jumme ki raat ho ya din-cover kala vijay and satyendra dear friends,this is a very beautiful duet from the b/w era.when an online friend Styendra srivastav requested this song it was a new song to me.but when i heard it just loved the music.so gave it a try.hope my freinds also will enjoy it. pl listen and leave your feed back.thanks in advance. Movie-dulha dulhan lyrics-Haroon music -Laxmi kant -Pyare lal original singers-Mukeshji and Lataji
    kalavijay 00:04:20 366 0 Downloads 23 Comments
  • gumnam hai koi-karaoke cover by kala vijay-hindi old song
    gumnam hai koi-karaoke cover by kala vijay-hindi old song movie-Gumnaam music-Shankar jaikishen original singer-Lataji this song is one of the most haunting melodies of Lataji. always in my wishlist.always find very difficult to do justice to its melody. anyways tried it atlast.hope my friends will enjoy. lyrics writed i could not found on internet. the movie was a suspense thriller of 60's with some great music. pl give your feed back if time permits my friends. though we have very few listeners here.i believe here ,our friends will listen our songs fully.thank you so much friends.
    kalavijay 00:05:24 152 0 Downloads 24 Comments
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