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    BIG DREAMS Wesson is an MC, raised and currently residing in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY. Recently quoted in an interview, he's quick to defy the stereotypical "rapper" title, saying "..there are artist out there that hold exception, but for the most part, the industry is about "swag", and less about the message being sent in their lyrics. I'm not in the club everyday like these rappers, I'm not blowing money fast, and I sure don't have racks on racks. So I'm telling it how it is, from a Brooklyn boy's perspective". Prepping for his long due debut mixtape, Wes describes this experience as a painstaking process, yet hopes the patience is well worth it. As a college student working on his Bachelor's in Physical Education, and working part-time to support himself and his academics, Wes understands the frustrating work overload, but the passion is what fuels him. "If I did this for the money, I would've quit a long time ago. I've made some sacrifices for the songs I have now, and to do what I feel I do best. It hasn't paid off as of yet, and honestly, I don't care if it ever does". For now, Wes is motivated to see how far his talents can take him. Growing up in a middle class home in Flatbush, he paints everyday struggles and experiences for his rap portraits. Hailing from the same birth place of greats Biggie and Jay-Z, who made names for themselves with their drug dealing bravado and slick rhymes, Wes wants listeners to see his come up from Brooklyn in a different perspective - similar to Nas' staring out the project window. With music, he explains that you can "escape the world with it and yet never leave my room. That's what powerful music does". Wes hopes his music gives fans a lasting, powerful impression
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