Hi! I'm Josh Edwards, Author of All Fight Gear, a real life fighter with the passion for boxing specially. I obessed with all types of fighting gears. I share the fighting experience I have and the best tools you need.

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  • Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/twins-special-boxing-gloves-review/ Discription: In fact, they were even recently granted an award from AIBA Technical University in Berlin. The first award of it’s kind, for the outstanding protective quality of there best boxing gloves. Sounds like they have some pretty big shoes to fill, no? The best gyms have been known to feature Twins BGVL-3 Boxing Gloves because experienced trainers trust Twins quality. But do they live up to the big Twins name?
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  • What to Look for in Boxing Headgear - TITLE Boxing - Best Bo Title Headgear Gel World Full Face Training Review See more: https://www.allfightgear.com/title-full-face-headgear-review/ Discription: They have paid a special amount of attention to gel lining technology both in their gloves and their protective equipment. And the gel lining coupled with multi-layered, sleekly designed foam padding. This padding fully covers the cheeks, forehead, jaw, ears and the back of the head. This is providing full and effective protection. The rear-entry design with a velcro closure ensures make for an easy on-and-off experience. Also, the elastic makes custom adjustments for the user’s’ head size a breeze. There are a few common problems regularly plaguing most mass-produced sets of headgear. Such as the title headgear slipping around the head during training and the padding not providing quality protection. While most users were very satisfied with this product, there have been a few complaints.
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  • Ringside-Heavy-Bag-Review Ringside Heavy Bag Review – Your New Training Partner! See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/ringside-heavy-bag-review/ Discription: Heavy bags play a key role in any level of boxing training because it is important for boxers to be able to practice punching form, speed and foot movement; whether they’re just learning or warming up to spar. However, this amazing training tool also works for kickboxers, wrestlers and other martial artists; these athletic endeavors all benefit from practicing their strikes and other maneuvers on an object similar in size and give to an opponent.
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  • Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves Review Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves Review See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/hayabusa-tokushu-regenesis-boxing-gloves-review/ Discription: The gloves are padded with Hayabusa’s Cush-Zone complex. It is a multi-leveled padding which improves energy force transfer and dispersion by over sixty percent. The innovative SweatX thumb is an attached thumb designed with soft microfiber suede on the outside. It will wipe away your sweat during the most intense training sessions. The ergonomic thumb positioning prevents wrist or thumb starting to keep your strikers strong and comfortable.
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  • Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves Review Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves Review See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/fairtex-muay-thai-boxing-sparring-gloves-review/ Discription: While they aren’t particularly popular with traditional fighters in Thailand, where the gloves are made, that is no comment on their quality as they are very popular with European and American martial arts enthusiasts. These boxing gloves are built with quality and protection in mind, but manage to pull it off without sacrificing style. The Muay Thai Gloves are engineered with a contoured, tight­fitting hand compartment for an especially secure and snug fit. Thick velcro strap closures coupled with the compact fit makes for exceptional wrist protection and easy use.
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  • Cleto-Reyes-Official-Fight-Boxing-Gloves-Review Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves Review See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/cleto-reyes-official-fight-boxing-gloves-review/ Discription: Cleto Reyes is one of the most esteemed names in boxing, elaborating some of the best boxing gloves with the highest quality available. The Mexican-styled designs that present slight fist padding make the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves one of the most identifiable brands on the market. Cleto Reyes Castro, born in Mexico City during the post-revolutionary period, fell in love with boxing as a young boy. Seeing as the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena was across the street from his house, this is not a big surprise. He was forced to drop out of school and work in a saddlery that manufactured baseball equipment.
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  • How To Avoid A Boxers Fracture How To Avoid A Boxers Fracture See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/avoid-boxers-fracture/ Discription: Wrist and hand’s are the main source of problems for many fighters. For a boxer, they are the only set of tools, and for Muay Thai and MMA fighters, they are used for all stand-up fighting and grapples. It is for this reason they are the problem. The most common hand injury for a fighter is a “Boxers Fracture”. A fracture occurs when one of the metacarpal bones on the hand breaks. These injuries are most commonly caused by trauma with a closed fist on a hard object.
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  • Boxing With Bad Eyesight Boxing With Bad Eyesight See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/boxing-with-bad-eyesight/ Discription: Once upon a time boxing with bad eyesight was a term that did not go well with the sport. When one imagines a boxer with bad eyesight they vision a seven stone wet through weakling aimlessly throwing hooks while seeing a double of there opponent. It is this thought alone. Along with the ridicules primarily coming from nonfighters that put a lot of potentially great boxers off the thought of training.
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  • Rival_How to choose a heavy bag
    Rival_How to choose a heavy bag Best Punching Bag Reviews, Guide and All You Need to Know See more at: https://www.allfightgear.com/?p=117&preview=true Discription: Punching bags are a must-have for a boxer and for those who are into martial arts, self-defense. Besides it’s a piece of equipment that’ll help you to break a sweat while you develop you’re punching skills, footwork, kicks etc. From the perspective of a guy who doesn’t know much about punching bags, punching bags are just big lumps of bags. Obviously, the best punching bags are the ones you can beat the crap out of.
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