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  • C.O.D (Live)
    C.O.D (Live) SRV live at Carnegie Hall. Two things make this excellent piece stand out. First, there is a female lead. Secondly, this is one of two songs SRV did that night with a horn section.
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  • Embrassing Moment On A Date
    Embrassing Moment On A Date Art comes in many forms, here is an audio skit; hope you like it because it is truly a master piece
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  • Key To Highway
    Key To Highway Big Bill Bronsky wrote it and played it. Eric Clapton made it famous; me, I just covered it in my own way
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  • red_house cover of the Albert King/ Jimi Hendrix song Red House. This is not a straight cover of Red House. I really worked to change it all a little from the original. While it is in the same key (Bflat) and has a couple of Jimi Hendrix licks in it, I adjust the tempo, changed the bass progression and the presentation of the chords, and attempted to add a little darker feeling to it.
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  • Sittin At The Station...02192014 To celebrate 6 months of playing guitar after 30 years away i PRESENT " Sittin At The Station". Time flies when we're having fun
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  • DRIFTIN APART another day another tune. Seriously thinking on leaving this a instrumental. Listen and comment if you like.
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  • Nothin But The Blues Yeah, got this idea from Duke Ellington's song' "I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues." Same key Bb but changed the beat and tempo. Now as usually a 2 to 1 case, I have to write lyrics for it.
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  • D#...02122014 what I did this afternoon...another quick original score....lots left where this came from, I think...enjoy it's a fun piece.
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  • 01-12- Iced Over (Live) SRV in pure Blues-Swing mode with horns. Important to listen to the crowd at the end to get the full effect of the effect his music had on folks.
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  • 01-01- Still Rainin Johnny Lang display's all the tools in this song but unfortunately for him he has not yet realized his Blues POTENTIAL simply because he has a penchant to change his style and do boy band style pop.
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