My name is John. In spite of some student journalism experience, I am an admitted novice--I'm just a fan trying (though not always succeeding) to supply reasoned analysis and opinion on sports. I'm on Twitter under the user name @johnjf125 and I host Johnapedia (as well as various other blog posts) at johnapedia.blogspot.com

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  • 7-30-2013 Johnapedia Talk about the trade deadline, today's St. Louis Cardinals doubleheader, and Jadeveon Clowney. Specifics on topics and timestamps available at johnapedia.blogspot.com.
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  • 7-29-2013 Johnapedia 0:25--Is anybody actually freaking out about the Cardinals? 1:35--The latest Cardinals/White Sox trade rumor and why it's not happening 7:00--David Ortiz and the punishment he should face 11:05--Fox Sports 1 and its too-bland-to-succeed strategy 18:25--USA wins the Gold Cup and the joy of American underdogs 22:50--Listener results for "What would be your walkup song?" question
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  • 7-25-2013 Johnapedia 2:20--The Scrabble promotion; 6:35--The Rasmus trade in retrospect; 13:25--Comparing Molina/Carpenter/Craig to the Real MV3; 19:45--Rams opening training camp and dealing with optimism; 23:05--The Greatest Show on Turf Part 2? (no); 25:15--Mizzou football and the power of reasonable expectations; 29:40--Aaron Hernandez, the Florida Gators, and Truman State athletics
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