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  • Martha Rolling Her 'R's
    Martha Rolling Her 'R's This my little Tortie-Tabby cat Martha once again, being uploaded the night before Martha goes to the vet for dental surgery.
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    BCB RADIO INTERVIEW PART 2 This is the final 5 minutes of my interview on local radio discussing the story of my former shelter cat Martha who featured on The ShoKo Show as their fourth Rescue Report. For anyone interested, here is the link to that:http://www.theshokoshow.com/rescue-report-saving-martha/ also my 3 cats now have their own Facebook page which takes their story back to the beginning when I took in Daisy as a kitten and that link is here: https://www.facebook.com/DAISYANDHERMOGGYMATES/?fref=ts
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    BCB RADIO INTERVIEW PART 1 This was my FIRST EVER radio interview with Bradford's BCB (Bradford Community Broadcasting) on Thursday 21st January 2016. I featured in that day's "About Bradford" programme, discussing my cat Martha (lately of Allerton Cat Shelter in Bradford and the subject of my last 2 sound files on here) who had just become a minor celebrity by getting her story liked by over 1000 people on The Shoko Show (Shorty and Kodi). The story as used as the fourth in their new series of Rescue Reports about stray and shelter cats; Shorty and Kodi being themselves shelter cats before falling on their feet with a wealthy young gay couple in Canada who turned them into internet stars. They now enjoy a following of 1.2 million. This is the link to Martha's story for anyone interested: http://www.theshokoshow.com/rescue-report-saving-martha/
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  • In The Middle Of The Night, Martha Stylee
    In The Middle Of The Night, Martha Stylee My new addition, Martha, who is a Tortie/Tabby cross from the local cat shelter: a very vocal cat who is fond of hissing and whom I am currently building up as she needs some meat on her bones. Also building up the strength in her legs by taking her on walks in harness and shall be purchasing her a coat soon to keep her warm whilst doing so: the one I have in mind was designed for a very small chihuahua...
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  • Martha and the Zoom Groom
    Martha and the Zoom Groom This is my new cat bought from Allerton Cat Shelter in Bradford two days ago. Here she is having her first thorough grooming session with me. Martha is a Tortie/Tabby mix and a very vocal cat renowned for hissing almost constantly at the shelter which initially put off my other two cats but they are now getting bolder and Martha is starting to relax a little. Here she still sounds like a stray cat though and despite her vocals being put through Wavepad with a Noise and Hiss filter, she distinctly can be heard hissing on two occasions here. Recording has been amplified. Some of the background noise is the sound of the brush going through Martha's fur. Enjoy!
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    MYSTERY BIRD Recorded this bird in the early hours whilst out with Thomas. Would anyone like to tell me what bird makes this sound? Thank you!
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    THOMASBUNDLEOFJOY These are some of the vocals produced this evening by my cat Thomas upon the realisation that there was a fly on the ceiling!
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  • Gentle sea at Morecambe Small waves lapping at a slipway. Light aircraft overhead somewhere and gulls heard faintly in the background.
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  • Morecambe train
    Morecambe train Train to Morecambe and amazingly no mobile phones and very little chatter in background at this point of the journey.
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  • Crows, Magpies and Traffic Noise
    Crows, Magpies and Traffic Noise As stated. Didn't have to travel far for this one as it was all going on outside my front door.
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