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  • Jody Kriss Legal Music An irreverent fan of emailed this original music tune to the site as a gift. Citing their desire to promote the site and it's goals of showing the truth about East River Partners they gave this music as a show of solidarity to the cause. The website was amused by the gesture and decided to share it with their fans. Visit:
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  • East River Partners Exposed Theme The music was pitched as an accompaniment to a website focused on East River Partners and Jody Kriss. However the website decided not to use it as they wanted the sites complete focus to be on the practices of East River Partners and Jody Kriss. The website has gained a lot of traffic as people grow tired of the tactics of Kriss. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss and East River Partners Theme A site that discusses East River Partners and Jody Kriss was surprised to receive a musical gift from an avid reader. The visitor to the site wanted to show their gratitude to the website for uncovering so many facts about Jody Kriss and his various businesses. As a part time DJ the reader created a music track as a thank you. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss Mafia Tune discusses the alleged links between Jody Kriss and the Russian mafia. An interested reader was thankful for the information and sent a gift of an original tune which they hoped the site would use. As a Jody Kriss based site they didn't think they could use it so decided to give the tune away to anyone who has an interest in Jody Kriss or East River Partners. Visit:
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  • Fun Jody Kriss Website Music received this music from someone who was not a fan of Jody Kriss, particularly his tactic of launching legal proceeding against anyone who says anything against him. To celebrate the launch of this new site this interested observer gifted this music track as they believed the site was doing great work in talking about Jody Kriss and his alleged dealings and connections. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss Meditation Music A thankful visitor to the site produced a tune they thought would help people regain calmness if they have had the misfortune of dealing with Jody Kriss or his East River Partners group. Although they had no direct experience themselves they believed Jody Kriss was a force for bad rather than good. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss Fun Tune A reader of made this fun tune to cheer up anyone who has been negatively effected by Jody Kriss or East River Partners. The reader composed the tune themselves and thanked the website for their useful editorials and thanked them for their bravery in trying to expose Jody Kriss. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss Exposed Theme Tune An avid reader of this website decided to create a theme tune for the website after being impressed with the information about Jody Kriss and East River Partners. The music was not appropriate for the site the site owner thought so he decided to share it via social media. He has vowed to continue to spread the word about Jody Kriss activities. Visit:
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  • Jody Kriss Warning Music A reader of emailed in this music and said it was a gift to warn people about Jody Kriss. He was grateful to the site for making the facts about Kriss and Bayrock Group public. His unusual gift was gratefully received. Visit:
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