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All have their own life and want it to live in a better way that will bring happiness and prosperity to them. In ancient times, there were kings around the world who wanted to hack their life with the potion called elixir of immortality.

For this they proposed the help of their kingdom's wizards to identify the better method to find that secret potion. But none were able to find the right solution for this. Only few reached their destination in this action.

Though many think that the formula to that potion is still available in some part of the world. Even though ask this question themselves, is immortality possible? Obviously, it is not at all possible for normal human beings like us.

As we all know humans were born from sand which is a mortal object. So despite of having dreams to become immortal, we shall concentrate of how to live a life that will be useful to others.

To achieve that just try to find what are dreams, this will definitely lead you to your destination and one fine day you will live a better life than you imagined. Now we shall see to that what are dreams actually meant to be.

Dreams are nothing but the one which never let us to take rest until the activity is accomplished. But many of us believe that dreams are which come when we are asleep. Happy life comes when we have a dream for our family and lovable ones.

Having a dream towards our destiny will make us immortal until the activity is accomplished and it will keep us motivated even if we fail in between. Even though we feel in minor tasks, we should keep going with self motivation.

Just keep in mind that, there is never a bad time to start the right thing. So, don't wait for the moment, just give your best to achieve your dream.

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