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  • Wyatt Levy Wyatt Levy is a Cal Poly Student and surfboard shaping instructor at the ASI Crafts Center. He has been teaching the class for two years, and has been around surfing his entire life. He and his friends had a recent encounter with an 18-19 foot great white shark here in Morro Bay a couple weeks ago and he gives a good description of the event here. Wyatt has been known to have a deeper side to him, and gives us his opinion on how the media hypes up shark attacks recently.
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  • Charlie Umansky: Cal Poly Surf Team Charlie Umansky has been apart of Cal Poly San Luis Obispos Surf Team for four years, and has had a couple of brief encounters with sharks on both the Central Coast and Southern California. Listen in as he gives me his opinion on the creatures of the deep, and weather or not they are misunderstood in the surfing community.
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  • Dane Jacobs Dane Jacobs is a 29 year old local boat captain from Cayucos California. He has seen his fair share of sharks and understands the way they act in certain water conditions. Listen to this interview that I had with him as he describes his encounters with sharks, and shares his opinion on why they are becoming extinct.
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