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Below is Picking Excerise #1 Performance Track for the Beginning Phase guitar player. It is strictly an exercise for the picking hand and will only involve the open strings of the guitar.
You will start on the 6th string (the fattest one) and pick 4 even down strokes in time with the audio track. Make sure you use the proper picking technique as laid out in PRE-JAM FUNDAMENTALS. Do the same on the 5th string and continue all the way to string 1. Once you finish string 1 head back the way you came to string 6. Once you finish with string 1, make sure you go straight to string 2. Many students like to pick string 1 again before heading back. Give the sample track a listen before you start so you have a feel for how it will go. It actually allows you to go through the exercise twice.
You'll notice that I recorded some simple music to accompany you on this exercise. Beginning exercises like these often aren't very fun or musical, so my hope is that this is a more entertaining way to plow through what is a not-very-entertaining exercise. Besides the sooner you start playing along with and feeling music, the faster you can become the guitar player you want to be.
Go through it with down strokes, then go through it using up strokes. If (and only if) this comes to you quickly and easily, you can try it alternating down- up strokes. Good luck.

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