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Such as the men's 5000 meters relay short track sliding speed and MEDALS brush... These are before the game has a lot to look forward to the project, but not to let a person see surprise. Above is tintin inventory for the Olympics, I hope we in affirms the achievements and see my own shortcomings, in order to make progress, to be a real contender, tintin hope to full bloom in the next winter Olympics the Designer Belts team, become the real class of the winter Olympics, manifests the powers shall have the power! Into since the last century, Mulberry Bag house prices into a rapid growth, especially in the new century ten years, Mulberry Bag house prices, the growth of crazy some city is a square last hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, far away from the economy to normal growth, people in the face of high housing prices can be said to be suffering, the market. Despite several interventions by the government but did not achieve very good effect, house prices is still a long does not fall. Experts predict that within ten years, Mulberry Bag house prices will also be on the long, why Mulberry Bag house prices only rise not fall? The author interviewed some relevant personage, know some of the reasons, the author, there are ten.

One is the population of Designer Belts is too much price increase not only the basic cause of fall. Mulberry Bag official data for more than 1.3 billion the number of character, is the world's most populous nation, home ownership , is the Designer Belts traditional thoughts, no house can't be home to a family, 1.3 billion people need a house, is the biggest cause of market demand. Second, full speed up of urbanization, the city housing is the main cause of tension. Since the last century, urbanization is an important national policy of Designer Belts. It turns out that the population of Designer Belts is mainly concentrated in the countryside, now, the rural population and urban population has equal shares, according to the latest statistics, the city's population has more than the rural population. Urban space is limited, however, the population is multiplied, into the city people need housing, due to the limited urban space, although the house do higher and higher, also far cannot meet the needs of the urban population increase. Three is to restrict the expansion of the city, to ensure the absolute number of basic land has become the root cause of rising prices.

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