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My style of music is inspirational,straight from my med,whit the connection from my inner knowledge that lead me to understand the only person i be is me.

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    THE POOR NEED SOME HELP This song inspired from real life story, Was walking up the the street there were this man lying on the side of the road, he got some sort of a bun in his hand and a box of drink he was so hungry that he couldn't even eat..and out of me seeing that come this song..
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  • ups and down
    ups and down well this song was inspired by me just seeing the many ups and down happening all around because of things taking different direction only to understand these direction would inspired this same song
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  •  HardCoreLife
    HardCoreLife See this sort of living every day, when the going get tuft,and the tuft get going. that is hard core.
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