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<a href=><b>canada goose solde</b></a> Li Xin joked:, Li Xin and the audience that vibrant entertainment presenters different person, quiet, well-behaved, athletic, just like a calm boy next door. Listening and answering a reporter's question, it is also very careful when talking about hosting the program does not do anything, Li Xin Xiangyemeixiang answer: to find their own happiness. Worship Bryant..
<a href=><b>canada goose jackets sale</b></a> Permits to attend the trial becomes a ticket is hard, in Chongqing Jiangbei District People's Court of the door, gathered hundreds of media from home and abroad, Chongqing aspects arranged a large number of police to maintain order at the scene 8:30, the defendant Li Zhuang's defense Lawyers - Lawyer Tat and Jing Gao Cheng Heng Law Group Chairman Chen arrived in the West Court, in order to defend 9:10 Li Zhuang, the presiding judge declared the payment of Ming sword hammer official start of the trial court, the defendant Li Zhuang Chongqing Police stakeholder (arrest, interrogation and arrest those Li Zhuang, interrogation Gong just die for the same main unit) on the grounds, for Chongqing Jiangbei District People's Court in this case to be heard in a collective avoidance, was the presiding judge when to pay Ming Sword Chamber dismissed the sixth, Li Zhuang apply prosecutor personally avoided, also rejected by the court Seventh, defense lawyer Li Zhuang Chen defender identity to apply for the West Chongqing Jiangbei District People's Court, Procuratorate collective avoidance, rejected by the court since then, Li Zhuang and The defender asked the court to submit a written reply on avoidance, the court ignored the presiding judge after the payment Ming Jian Li Zhuang schematically prosecutors began to ask, but Li Zhuang Refuse to answer with silence, the reason for the Jiangbei District People's Court did not safeguard the defendant and the legitimate rights defenders, defenders claimed that the defendant opinions prevail. Court accused Li Zhuang and two defense lawyers said that the application of Chongqing avoid hearing the case the unit, is based on the reasonable request of the Criminal Procedure Law during court atmosphere is tense, To this end the presiding judge announced the court to pay off Ming sword ten minutes thereafter, Li Zhuang said that out of respect for the court, while retaining the original opinion, based on the willingness to continue the trial. Subsequently Lizhuang Jiangbei District Procuratorate prosecutors on suspicion of falsifying evidence against crime Obstruction of Witnessing, prosecution evidence the prosecution presented several groups, including the key forensic evidence Chongqing injury report issued by Gong just die on the integrity of a health certificate - that is, this injury assessment, has become the defense Lizhuang recrimination evidence the prosecution believes that Chongqing forensic evidence may indicate an injury that did not suffer any Gong just die torture, and its in good health, but the defense pointed out that the injury assessment set forth, Gong just die left wrist pigmentation, lines were blunt device (such as handcuffs, etc.) caused abrasions Lizhuang I apply to the court and defense counsel in this injury identification, based on whether the injured limb Gong just die again-depth identification, and must be outside the judiciary from Chongqing for injury assessment of evidence submitted by the prosecution again Gong just die I, Gong just die brothers Gonggang Hua, Gong just die cousin Gong Yunfei, Chongqing Wu Jianong Cray lawyer, Li Zhuang Assistant Ma Xiaojun other eight key witnesses to prove the agent Lizhuang Gong just die case during abetting the parties and the parties relative to falsify evidence after defense lawyer Gao Cheng said in court, this group of evidence are in this eight witnesses were Chongqing police custody case to obtain the testimony of the forensic form itself is not illegal, such as Ma Xiaojun, who not only did not say handled separately, nor will it considers to be the co-action, so people forensics itself is not lawful warrant stage cross-examination, the prosecution presented three Gong just die I Report Li Zhuang confessions time was December 10, December 12 and December 16, of which 12 days Gong just die in pre-trial testimony did not submit a copy to the defense lawyer Gao Cheng Li Zhuang in the court found that the prosecution read out this Gong just die in December statement made on the 12th, with its hands on the 16th is also the testimony Gong just die, there are many resemblance, even confessions, punctuation, wrong sentences, typos are exactly the same, but during frequent contradictions, Gao Cheng requires the prosecution to court the 12th to give them access to the testimony of the prosecution submitted that the testimony as testimony simply read out in court, without the need Lizhuang by the defendant and defense counsel to read, the prosecution of such opinions in subsequent rounds during cross-examination , the presiding judge to pay Ming sword were to be adopted in the next part of the cross-examination, the defendant Li Zhuang and two defense lawyers, by listening to the prosecution of the read access to the relevant evidence, the defendant Li Zhuang and defense counsel to the court requesting Gong just die other eight key witnesses to testify, but the prosecution witnesses are unwilling or unable to appear in court on the grounds, told the court that a witness can not testify in court every 30 days until 31 Li Zhuang case trial Day 1:30 Xu, one day, for 16 consecutive hours of public hearings once again to refresh the history of Chongqing trial the prosecution and defense point of contention lies in two aspects: First, Gong just die if the police had been subjected to torture..
<a href=><b>doudoune canada goose</b></a> (three) can carry meaning, can load all the land mines, plants, animals, making it safe to live world, Yu Buddha can load all sentient beings, pay by the congregation fried bitter this shore, carrying to cool side. (four) can hide justice, land can Hancang all mine, plants and other objects, Yu can Hancang all Lotus Buddha. (five) can be held upright, the land can hold all things, make it grow, Yu Buddha can Total holdings of all Miaoshan to grow..
<a href=><b>cheap canada goose jackets</b></a> Spring derogatory praise good evil, pushing test three generations virtues praised Zhou Dynasty, not only specializes in satirical mock bomb it. 'since the founding of the Han Dynasty, the emperor Holy Spirit today to get a good omen for Fengshan ceremony, modify calendar, replacing the color of clothing to withstand destiny, Ende boundless, different customs overseas countries after having passed several translations come knocking off tribute, too many to make it clear. Subjects Baiguan Dade try to glorify the emperor, not always fully expressed..

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