Independent Music Promotion: How to get your music noticed

It's an age old problem: independent music promotion. How to get your music noticed? How to get people to listen to your music?

The crazy thing is, for most people, this may not seem like a big deal. You just make good songs, right? Maybe I'll just give away a few records and people will be hooked?


In our research, giving out free music doesn't work for the majority of musicians. There's really so much free music out there there today. A lot of people have music overload. They won't download your music just because it's absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, they will not buy it if they've never heard about you before.

To put it differently, putting your music on YourListen, Facebook and Twitter won't automatically make it go viral and get you that record deal.

So what're you to do? Well that's what we'll talk about here.

The following is a three step formula for getting visitors to listen to you. When you've got these things set up and promote your self with all the strategies talked about with this site, you will give yourself a far greater probability of getting time with your would-be audience.

Give Something Worthwhile

Among the largest items you will need to ascertain when trying to get folks to follow your music, is whether it's worth individuals getting worked up about. This is sometimes difficult to figure out at first, since it's your music. Of course you are likely to think it's worth folks listing to!

But you need to be objective for a minute.

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