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  • wonder core
    wonder core Wonder Core WonderCore is a revolutionary fitness that targets your entire core to give you perfect six pack ABS you always have dreamt of! Unlike other ABS equipments in the market today that only work in a limited range, Wondercore’s one of a kind ergonomic design offer effective total core exercises that works both on the way up and down focusing on every muscle of your core. The 180 degree range of motion allows you to exercise your upper, middle as well as lower abdominal muscles, all at the same time. Such simultaneous motion of the ABS helps you to get a much tighter ABS in a limited time. You get reverse crunch while you lie back and while coming up there will be regular crunches. The best part about Wondercore is that with this single equipment you get 6 different workouts namely oblique twists, crunches, lower ABS tucks, reverse crunches, lower Ab press and stretch. This ABS equipment is perfect for all fitness levels and even those with back problems. Features • Targets upper, middle, lower abs, waistline as well as obliques • Designed to provide dual resistance • More than 180 degree range of motions • Offers adjustable resistance Levels to suit all fitness levels • Allows 6 different types of workout • Perfect for those with back problem For more information visit us on
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  • table mate
    table mate Table mate Table mate is an exclusive portable table which manages out a multiple usage process. Telebuy has the sole marketing holder in India. People have an adequate feel while using table mate. It can adopt in 6 different heights and 3 angles. We can use table mate in our routine activity such as laptop table, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, arts and crafts, board games, trade shows, outdoor tray table, gardening, serving table etc. The highly specified reason behind table mate is we can assemble it within two minutes without using any kind of tools. Telebuy gives an offer for table mate as buy 4 and pay for 3. This is a good opportunity were we can save money with affordable price range. Why Table mate is used? Table mate is quite interesting in nature. The outgrowth of the table mate has attained its peak very earlier. Fortunately it designed in basis of friendly manner with soft edges and no cross braces. Table mate used as classic addition in our home. As described the table mate has a significant feature such as six different heights plus 50lb. We can slide the table as much as possible to read the newspaper and books etc. Table mate has a density of 20 kilograms and it is portable. Such in case we can carry table mate wherever the necessity is. People were very impressed to use this modern table. People can adjust table mate according to their body size. Table mate is used in both indoor and outdoor areas. We can read newspaper by sliding it below. Technically it is designed with cup holder were we can keep our water bottles. We no need to worry about the smudge because we can easily clean it by wipe out using a cloth. Telebuy offers the table mate in white and pink color exclusively. People will feel somewhat discomfort while using other table which is made up of woods. While using table mate people will very comfort because it prevents us from back pain and other health problems. Table mate features: 1. Portable and friendly designed. 2. Affordable price. 3. Designed with soft edges in addition with cup holder. 4. Six different heights and three angles. 5. Need limited space. 6. Can withhold up to 20kg 7. Adjustable in nature. 8. Easy for storage and no maintenance needed. 9. Takes two minutes to assemble without using tools. 10. Weightless. For more information visit us on
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  • super ladder
    super ladder SUPER LADDER Super ladder is the multipurpose ladder which is structured using supportive plates and metals. The supportive plate is specifically named as Scaffold Plates and Support Stand with lock and package weight 19 kg. It has a density to withhold 150 kg density in nature. It has a junction of folding comfort with strong aluminum mixture. This folding usage strength up to 12 rungs and each step of 28 cm. Super ladder is depicted as multifold ladder which abounds about 8-in-1 different configurations. People can use this super ladder for industrial use, commercial use and for domestic use. Sometime people can fold and use it as table to hold many devices. People prefer super ladder because it has numerous extensions like portable, versatile, aluminum step platform ladder. WHAT INCLUSIVE SUPER LADDER? Super ladder is constructed using aluminum as body mixture and rubber at the feet to lean on the ground. Super ladder is made up of high quality aluminum which is used in aircraft industry. This rubber feet assure stiffen on surface. Super ladder has an extension in using ‘click lock’ system for security purpose. The length of maximum extendable is 3.4m (11.15 feet). It designed in scope of A platform ladder with stairs. 99% people have using super ladder in their home for gardening, to paint etc. HOW SUPER LADDER IS EFFICIENT? Previously ladder is made up of bamboo or sticks. Super ladder shows its great achievement by comparing it with normal ladders. The normal ladders have many pitfalls like it loses its grip in ground, no locking hinges. This kind of complication results a minor accidents to people. To overcome this issue Telebuy has presented super ladder which is designed to lean on the ground ethically as fifteen degrees to the vertical and 75 degrees to the horizontal. Super ladder is portable in nature owing to many configurations. Super ladder is very compact when folded and can fit into the trunk of your car. FEATURES: 1. 8-in-1 extension. 2. Auto lock hinges. 3. Light weight and portable. 4. Capacity - 150kg, Weight - 11kg. 5. Maximum length - 3.4m 6. Package dimension - (L)37cm *(W)27cm*(H)92cm. 7. Distance between rungs – 28cm. EIGHT DIFFERENT POSITIONS: 1. Single and double step ladder. 2. Step ladder/ Stool position. 3. Large/Medium/ Small position. 4. Standoff ladder. 5. Stairway work platform 6. Stairway climber. 7. Scaffold Plates and Support Stand. 8. Storage position. For more information visit us on
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  • paint zoom
    paint zoom Paint Zoom What is Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer? Now you can paint like a pro with the Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer and say goodbye to rollers, brushes and the mess of paint trays while getting the best coverage quickly and easily. Just pull the trigger and paint with your Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer! The Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer does the hard work for you—painting in just minutes instead of the hours you'd need with a brush and roller—with no drips or errors. Paint on any surface you want, both indoors and outdoors! With the Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer, you can paint flat walls, stucco, brick, panelling, ceilings, concrete, wood and much more. And always get the professional finish you want while using 50% less paint and even more savings!. FEATURES • Simple one-touch operation cuts your time and paint cost in half • Advanced spray technology delivers superior, one-coat coverage • Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays. • Ultra light and portable • Industrial-strength and commercial-grade motor • No compressor - Airless spray • Reaches tight corners and angles with 3-way direct-dial spray head • No-drip application for easy cleanup For more information visit us on
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    ORBITREK ORBITREK ELITE Orbitrek elite acts as the health fitness machine which is compact in design. It is designed ethically based on treadmill and stair climber. Some people have many reasons for ditching out their workout. It may be lack of result, no enough to time in gym, feeling boredom etc. While comparing orbitrek elite to other home gym equipments its outcome is economically good. Doctors recommend this elliptical machine for the people who critically suffering from obesity problem. People changed their lifestyle to burn out their calories by working in orbitrek elite. HOW ORBITREK ELITE REDUCE YOUR WEIGHT? This resistance training works out to reduce our waistline. Working out in orbitrek elite for ten minutes equals to ten minutes of walking. It abstracts your muscle strength to make your body fit. . In this fast running world people doesn’t have enough time to spend in gym physically. Now this kind of problem is resolved by using orbitrek elite in home. People turned in a very big point in reviewing orbitrek elite combine cardio exercises. We highly focus our aerobic exercise specifically in arm, breast and thigh. Orbitrek elite will result well while we keeping our arm rotating at all times mutually. Firstly people will feel somewhat difficult to workout in orbitrek elite. But practicing 30 minutes in morning and 30 minutes in evening will helps to burn 820 calories per hour. Doctors recommends patients who suffering from diabetics, blood pressure and cholesterol. People have come forward to point out the pitfalls regarding some gym equipment. Some kind of gym equipments have designed essentially to rest our arm while working. This leads to a problem because while resting our arm the upper body muscle doesn’t react effectively. Orbitrek elite have overcome this issue by not designing hand rest in equipment. Orbitrek elite never have age limit to work out its process. It suits for all ages who critically struggling in obesity problems. It proves effectively when working a hour per day. People are highly benefited because of working out orbitrek elite routinely. ORBITREK FEATURES: 1. Zero clash on knees and joints. 2. Targeted to work out total body work outs. 3. 300% more effecting than walking. 4. Burns out 820 calories per hour. 5. Compactable design. 6. Affordable price. 7. Works out upper body muscles while working. 8. Abstract muscle sculpting and slimming process. 9. Easy to assemble. 10. Combination of treadmill and stair climbing. For more information visit us on
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  • IGROW LASER HAIR GROWTH IGROW LASER HAIR GROWTH IGrow laser hair growth is a LED light therapy. Telebuy markets the IGrow laser therapy which is trustworthy, dependable provider in all over the country. People are very pleased to use IGrow therapy as much it reflects in short session. It is safe mode of your home device and it shows its outgrowth in 4 to 6 months in effective manner. IGrow laser hair growth revitalizes the hair follicles and it is clinically proven within short months. The IGrow laser hair growth equipment is very active to produce new thicken hair and it retrieves the strength of dead hair follicles to regenerate faster. It is portable and can be used at any time. HOW DOES IGROW LASER HAIR GROWTH WORKS? IGrow laser hair growth works when focusing your head in light for a sufficient wavelength it automatically gives effect in your body to regenerate new thickening hair. It theoretically proves that laser from a light increases the hair growth by absorbing the target issue molecules with adaptive changes. People won’t feel any kind of irritation or any harsh sensation while undergoing treatment. You can specifically notify the red laser wavelength visible while undergoing the treatment which reacts chemically as well as physically. It triggers the chemical activity of cell to proliferate the epithelial matrix. Many experts have a majority to recommend IGrow in many patterns. The following instructions are to be carried out by using IGrow. People should use 3 to 4 sessions per week for about in 20 to 25 min in range. IGrow hair growth will result within four to six months. It has a high cogent it starting process. Once if it reacted the time session of 3 to 4 should be reduced to 1 to 2 sessions. IGrow laser therapy works by healing your scalp and regenerates the growth of your hair shortly. WHY PEOPLE USE IGROW LASER HAIR GROWTH? 1. Assist hair growth in males with androgen tic alopecia. 2. It stabilizes the hair follicles. 3. Portable, transparent to use and equipped with headphones and ipod/mp3 interfaces. 4. Full scalp coverage and stimulates cellular activity. Hand free system and it has been clinically proved. 5. Fully adjustable, lightweight and adequate to use. 6. Custom fit for most head sizes since to economically advantageous. 7. No recurring or repetitive cost. 8. On-time purchase and it will results within 4 to 6 months. Stem cells regenerate shortly. For more information visit us on
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    ABTRONIX X2 Abtronic X2 Belt Get a free Lipo dress (single piece) with this product. We have Black and Skin color in stock. Available color will be dispatched. To know more about Lipo dress, click here If you are looking forward to enhancing your persona with flat washboard abs and an amazing exercise for stomach without much ado and without sweating in your gym, now help is at hand! Well, now you can CHANGE your life WITHOUT 'CHANGING YOUR LIFE'. Here’s introducing the all new Abtronic X2. The breakthrough fitness system that'll revolutionize the way you work out, forever. Salient features • Dual Technology Smart Microprocessor delivers 8 workouts at 10 different intensity levels thereby providing a total of 80 different workouts. • Only abdominal exercise belt that targets two separate muscle groups at the same time. • This abdominal exercise device deploys scientifically proven EMS technology. Stimulation captured by thermographic imaging reveals that Abtronic X2 generates superior muscle stimulation. • The recommended usage of this ab machine is just 10 minutes a day. For more information visit us on
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