wise words tribuana 91-112, pondering autumn leaves, igTaS
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91. Voices of two bells that speak from twilight temples of the night. Ah, what a cool dialogue.
92. New Year’s day. What I feel goes beyond words. I am wondering the age of God.
93. Renew oneself through self- freedom- realization, on the way that leads you from timeless to eternity.
94. The confidence of faith comes through experiences.
95. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
96. When you drink water don’t forget its source. Spring from the initial, depart from the origin.
97. A moment of failure contains teachings.
98. He’s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder and cooler.
99. A sharp knife shapes the wood; sharp words shape the self.
100. To understand a person be aware of three points: 1:Observe the means they use and their behavior. 2: Understand their goal, or their aims in action, their search; 3:Comprehend where they lay-on their satisfaction, happiness and joy.
101. Between you and me there are works to be developed, there are story to be told, there are life to be improved, there are love to be cultivated.
102. To be in good form for a performance, get the right information for self-formation, work on idea, reformation: confirmation lead to action.
103. Like a puppet-master an actor articulates the three worlds: body, emotion and thought, mind.
104. Smile like a flower blooms.
105. As legs and arms are the members of the body, experiences to re-member yourself.
106. A comprehensible advice sometimes is helpful, opens the way and clarifies the mind.
107. Actors played by the text, by something inside the text that is not in the words.
108. Open up to the world and the world opens you up. See the world till you have it in mind.
109. To destroy, to vanish an image from the eyes is to put it in the mind, to remind it as a memory to remember.
110. Existences change its manifestations. (What is real to you?)
111. A silence contains whatever you are able to fill it, to give it.
112. Listen a silence is to catch and to feed a chance. Have a good chance ! !!!

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