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Wise Words Tribuana 60-75, Pondering Aut…umn leaves igtas

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60. Like fire in the flint, luminous knowledge exists in the mind; suggestion is the friction, which bring it out.
61. A great being told by their common actions.
62. Character is manufactured by “karma”, manifestation of the will.
63. Learn and earn. No one get anything unless they earn it. Learn from what you earn, as far as your concern.
64. All work is simply to bring out the power of the mind, which is already there to wake up the soul.
65. The power is inside every human being, so is the knowledge; the different works are like blows to bring them out, to cause these giant to wake up.
66. In the midst of the greatest silence and solitude, find the most intense activity; and in the midst of the most intense activity find the silence and the solitude of the desert.
67. Duty and morality vary under different circumstance.
68. Unity in variety is the natural plan of the creation.
69. Nature is composed of three elements: 1.Inactivity, darkness, inertness (“TAMAS”); 2.Activity, attraction or repulsion (“RAJAS”); 3.Equilibrium of TAMAS AND RAJAS: (“SATTVA”). The enlightened way of life.
70. Vibration of mind goes with vibration of breath. Fineness of mind: fineness of breath. Work on both toward the true peaceful illuminating silence.
71. Silence in the mind, silence in the breath. The thought is silence. The thought is silenced.
72. The soul is like a traveller, who has set in a journey of life in the chariot of body; driven by the intellect (BUDDHI), with the mind for the reins, and the sense organs being the horses. The objects of experience forms the way to be traversed.
73. The soul, the senses and the mind together form the enjoyer of pleasure and pain that is the individual.
74. If the mind is not properly controlled, then the senses go out of hand like untrained horses. Free the mind to remain free!
75. If only I could free myself.

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