wise words tribuana 37-59, balinese offering by i gede Ta S
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37. A smallest distinction set infinitely apart heaven and hell. That "smallest" must be essential.
38. Love: living the reality of others.
39. When love and hate are both absent, everything become one, clear and undisguised.
40. The great-way is not difficult for those who have no preference.
41. Words! The way is beyond language, for in it there is no yesterday nor tomorrow nor today.
42. If only the eyes never sleep, all dreams will naturally cease.
43. Thoughts give birth words; words give birth action; daily actions give birth habits; habits give birth character; character carries you to your destiny. Then, how to improve destiny? A long way from good right thought to destiny.
44. To be or not to be, but how?
45. Simplicity is essential. A simple-man is a man that acts the essential efficiently.
46. Whosoever would save his soul shall lose it. When you posses nothing how can you lose it? Possessed by nothing, nothing possesses you.
47. The last shall be the first if you make it so; that is the first last, long life the everlasting.
48. A turning wheel carries an immobile centre.
49. Energy is muscle, energy is food, energy is material, energy is emotion, energy is thought, energy is mind, energy is light and shadow, energy is silent, in emptiness there is still energy.
50. Even the darkest day carries light.
51. He/she, who master him/herself, has no other master.
52. Seeking the brightest light, carrying the darkest shadow.
53. What links us together, cannot be sensed, beyond the thought, cannot be wet by water, cannot be burnt by fire, cannot be dried by the wind, without beginning nor end.
54. Hands are gest-ing our comprehension. Do read gesture!
55. Posture: immobile movement is the beginning of inner intension into actions.
56. Silence carries music that produces silence, “musical silence”.
57. I serve you, to be able to understand how possible you serve me, so we could serve “something” together.
58. To see myself in you, to lose and to find oneself in others, to get him, to get her, together. One in two. One in three. One in multiple.
59. Act the multiple-one then the multiple-one will acts is the secret to be everywhere. No where, yet now here !

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