wise words of wisdom 141 -161, tribuana pondering
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141. To communicate: to be come one, one community of same vibration.
142. Music produces the silence that carries the music. Quality of silence, ir s quality of the music!
143. What's next ?, is shadowed by the past; so, be present!
144.The ideal human being is the one who amidst the deepest silence and the biggest solitude finds the most intense activity, and the one who amidst the most intense activity finds the silence and solitude of the desert (Swami Vivekananda)
145. The supreme goal in sacred-acting/action is the realisation of the Supreme Eternal or the Impersonal Divine.
146. When performed without attachment the action becomes an easy way to obtain the real goal in life :union with the origine-the-ONE.
147. Not by ceasing to act, but by acting completely detached can we effortlessly obtain the supreme state of beatitude and enlightenment. (Swami Ramadas)
148. "Action free of desire, with a total detachment from its fruits, is superior to the knowledge combined with practice" "The state in which the performance of the action is free of desire is the way which easily leads towards enlightenment." (Teachings of Ramana Maharishi).
149. Bhagavad Gita: "You have the right to perform the action, but only to perform it, because from now on you should never again desire its fruits; the fruits of your action should never be the motive which sets you to work".
150. Swami Brahmananda: "If you truly wish to act correctly, you must never forget two main principles: in the first place a profound respect full of attention for the action to be done and in the second place a total indifference or detachment for its fruits.
151. Mahatma Gandhi : "the continual satisfaction lays in the sincere effort of performing (the action) and not in the success. The complete effort is, with anticipation, the expression of complete victory"
152. "I have just very imperfectly realised my intense desire of profoundly melting into the Divine; I have ardently wished to be just a boulder of clay in the Divine hands of the Creator, so that I could serve much better, without being interrupted at all by my ego" Mahatma Gandhi.
153. Act your intentions or firmly focused will.
154. Desire is the most terrible obstacle on the path of inner evolution.
155. The complete restrain of selfish desires is at the root of all true virtues"
156. Sri Ramakrishna: "The heart which has only burned in the fire of selfish desires can in no way stand the influence of elevated spiritual feelings or experiences"
157. Sri Aurobindo: " If the selfish desire is not completely mastered, how could we walk fast and easy on the spiritual path? Because liberation shows up instantly after the loss of ego and selfish desires".
158. Ma Ananda Moyi : "You are the ones who are always creating selfish desires through your thoughts, and you are also the ones who can destroy them, by firmly and detachedly thinking the opposite".
159. Do have a feeling of duty, to be open to the mysterious "inner voice" of consciousness, to have a detached desire to be the best possible vehicle or channel for the manifestation of the Divine, to align our intention with the cosmic will.
160. Whoever doesn"t love at all must not be surprised that he or she will not be loved at all.
161. Love and Freedom are inseparable, since without Freedom we cannot talk about love, but about constraint.

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