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  • iFox Creations Wins Top Five Listing for Bluetooth Shower
    iFox Creations Wins Top Five Listing for Bluetooth Shower Music Authority is a global review site for popular electronics in the music industry and is the go-to site for trustworthy reviews. And guess what? iFox Creations has been awarded a top five listing in Music Authority’s Top Ten Shower Speakers of 2016! iFox Creations’ iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker was chosen for its waterproof properties even in the most trying circumstances. And also for the attention that iFox Creations pay to customer feedback: developing the product in line with customer requests for easy-read, bold and bright fonts for the icons.
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  • Sing While you Scrub With a Waterproof Wireless Speakerphone
    Sing While you Scrub With a Waterproof Wireless Speakerphone If you rate yourself as a bathtime Beyonce or want to bust out some moves in the shower (don’t slip!) then a waterproof wireless speakerphone with FM Radio is for you. And it’s not just for bathtimes. Take your music wherever there’s water – bronzing on the beach or by the pool; mucking about in boats or just chilling by the river. There’s no need to risk your expensive mobile devices when you want some decent sound within dropping distance of H20 – the waterproof wireless speakerphone isn’t just splashproof, it’s 100% waterproof with level IPX7 certification, even if you immerse it in three feet of water (but, seriously, why would you do that?). And it’s built to last, too: not just splash and waterproof but dustproof, shockproof and even Taylor Swiftproof! (But, hey, we like her stuff!). You’re free to roam because the waterproof wireless speakerphone is lightweight but its quality build – with CE, FCC and ROHS certification – means you can get the party started in the car, on picnics, lazing in the garden; wherever and whenever you like.
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  • Set Yourself Free With Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones
    Set Yourself Free With Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones Set yourself free with the jaw-dropping engineering of these bluetooth in-ear earphones. If freedom is the basis of life and joy is the purpose then you’ve got both built in to these super-comfy wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones. With no wires to hold you back, you’ve got total control whether you’re working out, chilling out or busting out some cool moves in your bedroom (let’s be honest, we all do that.). These uber-connective earphones give you the space to be you. Switch off from the world around you and dive into your own world of high-quality sound for the ultimate in freedom. Connect wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, tablet, computer and MP3 player for the ultimate in total control: flick through your playlist, take a call (or avoid one), with volume totally adjustable to suit your mood. These sporty little earphones are designed for comfort, versatility and freedom. You’ve everything you need in one compact, beautifully-engineered package.
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  • Be The Impromptu Party King Or Queen With An Ultra Portable
    Be The Impromptu Party King Or Queen With An Ultra Portable Have you ever noticed how theme music is used to set the mood in movies? It’s what made Darth Vader so cool, the Gilmore Girls so adorable and The Omen so scary. Of course, as children this meant we all wanted our own personal theme music. After all, who wouldn’t want to have music play as the perfect introduction when we entered a room? For many of us this introduction to music started a love affair with music that has lasted right up until the present day. Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerNowadays if you want to make sure your tunes are always at hand, you will need a small speaker device with a big sound that is portable, light and can easily attach securely to almost anything. This is especially true if you want to be known as the King or Queen of the impromptu party! You’ll need a Bluetooth Speaker with out-of-this-world sound and easily adjustable volume. This speaker will need to have a sturdy clip that can attach onto your bag, backpack, work station or even to clothing. That way wherever you are—at home or on the road, at school, on a camping trip or backyard BBQ, you’ll always have your music with you. Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerUp until recently, small speakers with really good big sound just didn’t exist. Now these are very much a reality. You can get a compact 3-watt Bluetooth speaker that delivers rich clarity with a great volume range. They are versatile enough to wirelessly connect to your audio source; they work with Micro-SD and have a superb built-in FM radio tuner. Long battery life and a fast charging rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy up to 6 hours of music per charge is now a reality, with impressive range that means you can be up to 33 feet away from the music source and still keep the tunes alive. So if you want to set the mood with music or get the party started, an Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is your best bet.
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  • Use The Latest Neckband Earphones
    Use The Latest Neckband Earphones It’s a wonderful feeling to be completely absorbed in the fluidity of movement that is running or walking; that perfect moment in time, accompanied only by your music. Now, the loss of music is not just an annoyance, tangled cords are a major safety hazard that can lead to tripping, falling and the possibility of injuries. What you need is a set of carefully engineered neckband earphones. These earphones provide a secure, comfortable fit with specially acoustically-tuned and designed earbuds made to stay in your ears, even when you’re active. And as the earphones sit in the ear canal, they don't interfere with your hairstyle, eye glasses or earrings.
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  • You CAN Have Crystal Clear Boombox Sound
    You CAN Have Crystal Clear Boombox Sound Most of us have the iconic image of John Cusack holding up a boombox in the movie “Say Anything” seared into our brain. In fact, the boombox was one of the first truly powerful ‘somewhat’ portable music players. For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, if you were serious about music you owned a boombox. Over the years our boombox has thankfully gotten smaller and smaller, with better and better sound quality. Fast-forward to today and the boombox of the current era has gone Bluetooth and is far more portable than its predecessors.
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  • The Right Bluetooth Sports Earphones: More enjoyable workout
    The Right Bluetooth Sports Earphones: More enjoyable workout Wherever we go we are bombarded by the sounds of others. The truth is that music is a deeply personal thing. While you may want to rock out to the latest dance music, your neighbor may be more inclined to savour the mellow tunes of Motown. Thank goodness for the invention of earphones – giving us the ability to share space while not annoying each other with our music choices. Nowhere is our choice of music more important than when we are exercising. Working out to our own playlist adds to our enjoyment and helps to motivate us. Unfortunately, finding the perfect workout earphones can be a challenge. The best workout earphones must meet these three main criteria – crystal clear sound, comfortable design and sweatproof wireless functionality.
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  • The 7 Functions Your Bluetooth Portable Speaker Must Have
    The 7 Functions Your Bluetooth Portable Speaker Must Have Today’s music means that there is now a soundtrack for almost every human emotion. Ranging from Adele’s “Someone like you” when we are sad, to Pharrell’s “Happy” when we are feeling upbeat; with all the genres and emotions in between. Music can define us: it lifts us up, brings us down; ultimately exciting or relaxing us. Essentially, whatever drum beat you may follow, there exists a tune to enhance our every step. We are continuously finding new ways to include a music backdrop to all our activities, no matter the occasion or location. With the emergence of Bluetooth Technology, our music needs are being satisfied more conveniently than ever and the Bluetooth Portable Speaker has made providing a soundtrack to our lives even easier. However, not all Bluetooth Speakers are created equal. To qualify as a well-made properly functioning Bluetooth Portable Speaker, your Bluetooth Speaker must have these 7 functions.
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  • What Sound Quality Can You Expect From A Bluetooth Shower Sp
    What Sound Quality Can You Expect From A Bluetooth Shower Sp There is something about the time old tradition of singing in the shower that’s deeply satisfying, and the advent of Bluetooth Shower Speakers has made this simple pleasure even MORE enjoyable. Previously, the usual ritual for many individuals was to simply turn up the volume on their ordinary speakers as far as they could go, in hopes of hearing their music while in the shower. Now, a really good 3W Bluetooth speaker will deliver crystal clear sound quality.
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