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  • Best Psychedelic Rock Songs 00:00-H.P.LOVECRAFT- Wayfaring Stranger 02:38-COMPLEX - Norwegian butterfly 05:38-PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY - The Market Place 09:35-LAGHONIA - Trouble Child 12:22-ROCK ISLAND - When I Was A Boy 14:27-AGINCOURT- When I Awoke 17:41-LOVE-a house is not a motel 21:03-ANDWELLAS DREAM- The Days Grew Longer For Love 24:53-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-the last wall of the castle 27:33-HEADSTONE - those days 33:09-DOORS STRANGE DAYS - Strange Days 36:15-FALLEN ANGELS - Introspective Looking Glass 38:49-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Rejoyce 42:47-FOTHERINGAY - the way i feel 47:26-SERPENT POWER -- Forget 51:00-COMPLEX - Green Eyed Lucy 54:46-TIM BUCKLEY - PHANTASMAGORIA IN TWO 58:12-LOVE - alone again or 01:01:17-HUMAN EXPRESSION - every night [demo] 01:03:57-PRIDE - worthless pleasures 01:06:41-FALLEN ANGELS - Love, Don't Talk to Strangers 01:08:38-SERPENT POWER - Flying Away 01:13:02-PRIDE - song of the pirate 01:16:42-COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-grace 01:23:39-PINK FLOYD - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 01:28:58-COYNTRY JOE & THE FISH-bass strings 01:33:52-COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-death sound 01:38:15-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Shifting Sands 01:42:12-HUNGER - Mind Machine 01:45:46-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-the ballad of you & me& pooneil 01:50:21-DEEP PURPLE APRIL 1969 -- blind 01:55:41-AFTERGLOW -- morning 01:57:42-PRETTY THINGS -The Sun [bonus track] 02:00:43-BEATLES MAGICAL MISTERY TOUR - Strawberry Fields Forever 02:04:39-THORINSHIELD - the best of it 02:07:10-Beauregard Ajax - Loneliness is a Sometime Thing - 1968 (vinyl) 02:09:31-QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE LIVE - fresh air 02:15:39-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-White Rabbit
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