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Hskeleven`s Uploads

  • Freedom is Here (Snippet) I decided to have some fun with this Was not even serious when I tried this but I figured I try my skills out and see what I can produce
    hskeleven 00:00:34 64 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Cover) I love this song I decided to cover a real short snippet and attempted a solo Got a lot of growing to do musically I'm looking forward to 2017
    hskeleven 00:03:38 56 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • With Everything Cover It's a rough take since I'm beginning to see that recording with a click track isn't that easy at all. However, I also realize that I'm starting to fall a bit behind musically so I need to brush up and practice a bit more now. Anyways, I got two reason for recording this. One, I wanted to share a message of hope where we should honor God in all conditions, circumstances, especially if hope seems to be so far away. Two, I wanna apply what I've been learning, what I've been chasing after, and what I'm passionate about. Overall, it's not bad but I know I can work on these things to be better. Thanks for listening and God bless.
    hskeleven 00:05:46 118 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • As The Deer Arrangement Did an acoustic arrangement of this classic hymn and then decided to add a rhythm guitar over it Some places were slightly off beat and also a bit out of tune but it's whatever I cared more about hearing the results and how it turned out I'm pretty happy with what I got
    hskeleven 00:01:04 78 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Written In The Stars Remix Cover Chorus Oh written in the stars A million miles away A message to the mane Oh Seasons come and go But I will never change And I'm on my way Verse So I had a dream that was beyond the vast galaxies I wanted do big things, I wanted my parents proud of me I wanted to succeed and show them I can do it all But not everything goes accordingly I stumbled and took a fall So I got up, brushed the dirt off and forward I’m going But had no sense of direction no motives to keep me going I know there was something beyond the struggles that I’m facing A beacon of hope that I was in need of embracing I found my way back and I wanna make everyone proud of me So I can prove myself and let my doubts that kept holding me Holding me down, I wanted to fly, be the clouds in the sky My dreams are alive, let my dreams soar up high I look up to the sky where the heavens above me I pray to God who I know that He hears me I know He’ll take me to a level beyond famous But I’ll remain to stay humble so I can stay up to greatness
    hskeleven 00:01:47 143 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Half of My Heart Snippet Rough Take but it's a working process Gotta listen and practice the song a bit more but I like how it turned out So I'm pretty content with it
    hskeleven 00:02:26 155 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hallelujah Cover Snippet I gotta stop doing snippets lol but it's nice to record every once in awhile Looking forward to getting back track with this
    hskeleven 00:01:55 155 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Captivate Snippet Need to work on breathing and make sure I don't breath in the mic too loudly Tells me I need to get exercise haha Wanted to see how my harmonies sound since I've gotten a lot better over the years but I know I got a long way but this shows me the progress I've made.
    hskeleven 00:01:36 93 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Photograph Snippet Cover Back in the game I gotta be more dedicated to this lol I miss recording but I love this song. I will do a full length cover of this.
    hskeleven 00:00:53 157 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Autotune Lol autotune ftw
    hskeleven 00:00:58 160 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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