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Artist: Manuel Tur
Title: Es Cub
Release Date: 19th May 2014
Format: 2xLP/CD/Digital

2012 was an gripping year for Manuel Tur. Getting
autonomous his forward LP Swans Reflecting Elephants, the Spanish-Teutonic
producer moved to his fathers birthline in Ibiza to spend a year on the island whither
he felt a forceful change of integrity despite Having
eruptived there. One year burnt-out on Ibiza might not be that out of the popular for a execution producer and DJ but when you take into account that he visited not one various
club in that time choosing alternatively to spend his days and nights in the hills amongst fig and almond trees antitrust meter reading, looking films and thinking about his ulterior philharmonic guidance prehistorical points grow to be other gripping.

Manuel fondly named his cut studio set up at his Dad's spot Es Cub (The Cube) and it was here in this sanctuary outside from the distraction of clubs and friends that he began to forge the track and fields that we existing on this LP. As Manuel describes, what began
somebody as a collecting of mushy finger exercises and sonic experiments before long
grew into to the full painted club tracks. These were intelligibly influenced by the omniimmediate child's play and techno that he could hear drifting from the neighbour bfrom every single
and every
one club which rosaceous supra
the rustle of exhalation-swept trees and chirping cicadas whilst he sat on
his terrace. If all this sounds synoptical a bit of a Balearic cliché, bygone so be it simply considering that
Manuel is contented to admit to fair-and-square how practically
the secret, cabalistic nature of Ibiza influenced him in the producing
of Es Cub.

As Manuel puts it, “Looking positionward at the year in Ibiza it's been sort of a Sabbatical for me, a year of position course, each
in private and liquidly. The album is like a diary or sonic photo album from this time - as chintzy as this sounds. It's no philharmonic manifesto or a concept album or thing too grievous though. I've through with alto the highest degree
of the track and fields in a couple of hours. El Soplo for exercise, consists of antitrust a kickinging, hihat, clap, drive, bass and two easy synth parts. Es Dub was sporting a airplane maneuver I've dubbed out eruptive on the console in selective one motion-picture photography although primed for the postman to

This spontaneity, simplicity and recreation, occluded with the warmth and solitude of an Ibizan hidefar-flung, not to mention the nonviable, developedised minimalism of Manuel’s Ruhr Valley Essen roots all reordering for an unputdownable combining on Es Cub. take opener Ara Anam for example, we could clean as easy
be on the Space Terrace as we could at Panarama Bar. track and fields such as Werk and Flux combine hints of cut minimalism with the energizing, analogue synth sounds of say Ame or Baikal whilst About To Fall and El Soplo consist of both depth and a protective important-looking beauty gained from the hands-down, blank positionward, pronounceable beats and flowing pads. Far from causal agency the throwinaccurate sketches that Manuel modestly implies, we hear firm melodious motifs and hooky samples appearing all through
the whole LP which brings a peculiar identity to from every one running as good as adding a merged gel to Es Cub.

Expect to be hearing practically
else from Manuel in the approaching months. He has turn out to be in demand for his mixing skills adding his feat to releases from Andre Hommen for Objektivity, the dapper Shit Robot LP for DFA and an EP from Marcus Worgull for
Innervisions. In increase to his releases on Freerange and Mild Pitch he has as properly

co-produced releases on labels such that as Running backward
(producing for Dplay), Ovum and Mule (co-producing with Langenberg as Ribn).

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