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  • Travel Wallet Audio Transcription: Why stress yourself visiting a store to purchase a travel wallet? Naked Wallet (https://www.nakedwallet.com), your number one preferred online store, offers beautifully designed travel wallets at affordable prices. Naked Wallet’s travel wallets are the best ever made with unique, authentic leather fabric.
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  • Sports Wallet Audio Transcription: Do you need the perfect sport wallets that offer full protection for your items including money, ID cards amongst others? Naked Wallet (https://www.nakedwallet.com) has got you covered. We are your number one online store offering genuine, high quality sports wallet to suit your every need.
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  • Thin Leather wallet from The Naked Wallet Audio Transcription: Don’t you hate it when you just walk in and you feel this bulge sticking out? https://www.nakedwallet.com/ offer high quality thin leather wallet that’s considered a slimmer and more comfortable replacement for your bulky wallet.
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  • Cool money clips for Men and women of all ages Audio Transcription: Men and women of all ages think that The Naked Wallet is the perfect choice for cool money clips that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Visit https://www.nakedwallet.com/ to browse the styles or call 800-644-4313 to place your order.
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  • Give everyone cool money clips for the holidays Audio Transcription: The Naked Wallet is the ideal way to give everyone cool money clips for the holidays that they will enjoy for years to come. To learn more, visit https://www.nakedwallet.com/ or call 800-644-4313 to get the Buy 2 Get 1 Special.
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  • Naked Wallets are cool leather wallets Audio Transcription: Naked Wallets are cool leather wallets that take the bulk out of carrying cash and credit cards. Call 800-644-4313 to place your holiday order or browse the selection of colors at https://www.nakedwallet.com/ and give more of the gifts they want.
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  • Red Wallet - Naked Wallet Audio Transcription: Dare to go Red! If a scarlet red naked wallet is appealing, then check out the naked wallet for a great wallet to store your money and cards in so it is easy to keep organized in your matching scarlet purse. Call 800-644-4313 or visit https://www.nakedwallet.com/product/scarlet-red-naked-wallet/ for more information on how to get one today.
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  • White Wallet from Naked Wallet Audio Transcription: Crisp and Cool white is in this season. Keep organized with a pearl white naked wallet that will make sure your cash is securely stored safely and easy to find. Shop for your wallet with https://www.nakedwallet.com/product/pearl-white-naked-wallet/ or call 800-644-4313 for more information.
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  • Pink Wallet - Naked Wallet Audio Transcription: Add some spice to your pocket with a passion pink wallet from Naked Wallet. Be different than the old boring way of carrying your money or cards. Show your softer side while matching your wallet to that new pink outfit. Call 800-644-4313 or visit https://www.nakedwallet.com/product/passion-pink-naked-wallet/ for more information on how to get one today.
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  • Visit Naked Wallet today and shop for great white wallet Audio Transcription: Is it time to replace your old wallet? Visit Naked Wallet today and shop for great white wallet specifically designed to add more pleasure to your shopping time. So go on and keep your cash and cards safe with a white wallet. Visit - https://www.nakedwallet.com/product/pearl-white-naked-wallet/
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