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  • How the Blind Man came seeng Pastor Park Sermon
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  • Two Ways to receive Blessing Pastor Park shows us that in many stories, God lets man choose 1 of 2 ways to be blessed—with condition or without. Moses was with condition. Abraham was without condition. How do we want to be blessed?
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  • Pastor Park's Sermon in Manhat Pastor Park talks about how the people in Numbers Ch 21:4 chose to follow their thoughts instead of what God said. Although we often times have thoughts that seem really really good, often times the result is less than desirable. In the case of Judas who betrayed Jesus and then later killed himself, these thoughts did not just arise out of nowhere, they were inserted by the Devil. The Devil does not look scary or have horns, instead he whispers suggestions. Hey isn't she pretty, let's entice her. So although before the act of something like adultery, it seems as if one would gain the whole world, when in fact all that ends in is pain, shame, suffering, fear. Thus if we don't know how to tell if its thoughts from Satan, then we will be swayed to follow whichever way our thoughts lead us. The trick then, Pastor Park says, is to search our thoughts and check to see if they are the word of God. Not all thoughts, just the ones that prompt us to action. Rejecting thoughts that are not matching the word of God is True Repentance. Visual presentation is here: http://bbs.goodnews.or.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=programme&wr_id=118&page=20
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