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My name is Helen Herriott Foley and I have been practising complimentary therapy for more than twenty years. I offer a range of different alternative therapies including AtlasPROfilax and Reiki. You can track me down in the wilds of the Wicklow Hills in Ireland, not far from Dublin

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  • What is AtlasPROfilax
    What is AtlasPROfilax What we will refer to as the atlas is also called the first cervical vertebra and it is essential for a properly aligned and balanced body. As the Atlas is at the top of the spine, if it is even slightly misaligned then the whole backbone and body will follow.
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  • Reflexology for Neck Pain Relief
    Reflexology for Neck Pain Relief Reflexology is certainly all about developing stability in the actual body. As a reflexologist I believe that different areas on the feet and hands correspond to certain parts of the body and by massaging them in a certain way stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself. http://healingalternative.ie/reflexology/
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  • Anihilate Anxiety using Reflexology for Stress Relief
    Anihilate Anxiety using Reflexology for Stress Relief Being stressed is unfortunately quite a common occurrence these days. Everything from parents and friends’ expectations, relationship woes, pressure from school or work, having children or simply the fact that we’re always connected and simply never get enough real off time’ can cause you to feel drained, irritable and just ready to blow and take all the surrounding bystanders, even the innocent ones, in your wave of rage or anxiety.
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