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  • Rubbish - Janice Bewick Sunday 3rd January 2021 Rubbish - verbal, physical. Our thoughts, words, deeds and leavings. We contribute to it deliberately or not, we collect it in our thoughts and choose to accept it or not. Our physical rubbish comes slowly, building up to great heaps literally. All rubbish can be dealt with. Our collective attitudes will decide the final outcome.
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  • Baptism of the Spirit Pt I - Power for living Sunday 27th December's message by John Wilkie. Some believers view the Holy Spirit as a mystical force. It's Spiritual, it's Supernatural, but you can never really understand it. For others, it's this impersonal power that God makes available to followers of Christ. So who is the Holy Spirit?
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  • The Word became flesh Sunday 20th December's message by Marty Kingi As we come up to Christmas this short talk shares thoughts about why God came as a human.
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  • Leaven Sunday 29th November's message by John Omundsen As Believers we are commissioned to be salt, people who bring out the best in creation and the world around us. Rather than lament how things are going we must realize that we are to change things slowly using the power of influence wherever we are. We must be the leaven of the Kingdom.
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  • Grace Wayne Ogden Sunday 22nd Novembers message by Wayne Ogden We live in an era of Grace. How will we respond to it?
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  • A symbol of Salvation Building Blocks to a solid foundation - A symbol of Salvation Baptism is a New Testament symbol of salvation, a vivid illustration of something that has already taken place in a believer's life. It's an outward symbol of an inward reality.
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  • Wisdom Sunday 25th October's message by Wayne Ogden The Bible says" Wisdom is 'Supreme'. It is available to us, all we need to do is ask for it... and act upon it.
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  • BBTASF series Prayer Pt II Sunday 18th October's message by John Wilkie Building Blocks to a Solid Foundation series - Prayer Pt II - Talking with God. How many of us read the Lord’s prayer as if it’s something to be recited, in other words, like a monologue- a one-way conversation; prayer is one of the most important things a believer can do....
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  • Loving others Sunday 11th October's message by Erana Watkins Our love for others needs to come from the overflow of God's love to us - we love because God first loved us.
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  • Building Blocks to a Solid Foundation - Talking with God Sunday 4th October's message by John Wilkie. How many of us read the Lord's prayer as if it's something to be recited, in other words, like a monologue- a one-way conversation; prayer is one of the most important things a believer can do.
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