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  • I was so sure Sunday 6th September's message by John Wilkie The first episode in the series Building Blocks to a Solid Foundation.
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  • How can we multiply with margins? The final episode in the series God, Money and Sovereignty by John Wilkie If we’re wondering why God’s multiplication hasn’t come into our material world, maybe it’s because we’ve not been wise with what He has given us!!!
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  • How sharp is your axe? Sunday 23rd August's message by Wayne Ogden Lessons from King David's life.
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  • God's management of money Sunday 16th August's message by John Wilkie Offerings are understood as sowing seed, and sowing seed is God’s multiplication principle of reaping a harvest, not only in material things but also spiritual. Reaping souls for Christ.
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  • What do we believe about the Love of God Sunday 9th August's message by Erana Watkins Love needs to be our foundation, it is the core of who we are in relation to God and others: we are Loved and we are Loving. This ongoing revelation that God is Love should filter into everything in our lives and we are called to be "rooted and established" in this Divine Love.
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  • Tithe Breaks The Control Of Debt PtII Sunday August 2nd's message by John Wilkie. A continuation of the series God, Money & Sovereignty. The difference between religion and Christianity is religion is a set of rules; with Christianity, it is about having a relationship with God. And money will always expose the heart to our relationship with God!
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  • Patience Sunday 26th July's message by Wayne Ogden Love is patient - 1 Corinthians 13:4 Patience is not something we do, but rather who we are in Christ.
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  • Tithe Breaks The Control Of Debt - John Wilkie Sunday 19th July. The continuing of the series of God, Money & Sovereignty by John Wilkie. Giving the tithe is far more than funding the church. It is about the storehouse, but it’s not the principle that we need to understand! The principle is about putting God; first! It establishes God’s sovereignty in our lives
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  • How much fight have we got in us? Sunday 12th July's message by John Omundsen Jesus said, "Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world". How much of Christ that is in us are we using?
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  • Captives can be set free Sunday 28th June's message by Wayne Ogden Jesus was sent to proclaim freedom for the captives. Then He went out and demonstrated His proclamation. He is able, are we willing?
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