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  • Whom will I serve Sunday 15th March's message by John Wilkie The consequence of Mammon is control. Mammon not only wants to deceive you and cause you to worship him, but ultimately to control you.
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  • What makes your heart burn? Sunday 8th March's message by Julie Prestidge What makes your heart burn? What is you passion? How hard are you willing to chase it?
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  • God, Money & Sovereignty Series Sunday 1st March's message by John Wilkie. The first in the series entitled God, Money & Sovereignty - Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also. Money can have a domination over us without realising it. For example, how many believers are living under the pressure of debt? How many make decisions according to the money they have.... or what’s left over, and not what God wants them to do? And how many believers use money to control, either by giving or withholding it!
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  • Hunger Sunday 23rd February's message by Wayne Ogden Hunger is a natural human experience and every human hungers both physically and spiritually. Jesus experienced hunger and explained how we are to live a life filled by God.
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  • Kingdom Living - Binding & Loosing - John Wilkie Jesus said to his disciples, I give you authority of the Kingdom to bind and loose. These words literally mean to forbid or to permit, to disallow or allow.
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  • Kingdom Living - Spiritual Authority and Influence Pt II Sunday 9th February's message by John Wilkie Anyone who leads in a position of authority, from a basis of discounting God, not acknowledging God or denying God, the bible says, leads foolishly.
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  • Suffering Sunday January 26 - Cain Prestidge
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  • Friends - Julie Prestidge Sunday 19th January's message by Julie Prestidge Do we treasure our relationships? Are we really there for each other....how much do we really care?
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  • Children of Promise Sunday 12th January's message by Geoffrey Cooling Children of promise are born free by the power of the Spirit, like Isaac was, and the Apostle Paul urges them to hold fast to their freedom.
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  • Communion John Omundsen's message from Sunday 5th January 2020
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