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  • Hello my old friend Sunday 11th August's message by Julie Prestidge How do we face our fears? How do we overcome them? Only with God's help can we do it!
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  • Kingdom Living Discipling the Nations pt II Sunday 4th August's message by John Wilkie Looking after the values of businesses, and family, the church, education, health, created like the Kingdom of God on earth...
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  • Continue to run Sunday 28th July's message by Wayne Ogden The writer of Hebrews encourages us to run our marathon race, we call life, so we can all finish well. In order to do this every hindrance and our sin needs to be cleared away.
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  • Kingdom Living – Discipling Nations pt I Sunday 21st July's message by John Wilkie You only need a small group of believers to be influential, in their modeling, their character their lifestyle and their beliefs, enough for others to say, I’m going to follow that. And that is how the Kingdom gets extended.
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  • What is the Good News? Sunday 14th July's message from Susan Blaikie Susan reflects on a statement from a book on mission; ‘Participating in the mission of God means leaving our place of security, to travel to the place where other people are… Mission is always in the direction of the other, and away from ourselves’*. Rather than primarily focusing on how to get people ‘into the church’, evangelism starts with making ourselves the stranger – just as Jesus did. Susan explores what it means to invest and equip people to be in the community, being ‘as Christ’ to people just where we naturally gather.’ * Quote from Milfred Minatrea’s book ‘Shaped by God’s Heart; The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches’
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  • Kingdom Living - Architects of Culture Pt II Sunday 7th July message by John Wilkie To be an apostolic church, to bring the culture of heaven to earth, ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven’ we really need to know what it means to be architects of culture, to shape to form to fashion.
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  • The Seed Sunday 30th June's message by Wayne Ogden Seeds are amazing things - without planting seed we have no crop and no harvest. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.
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  • Working Together Sunday 23rd June's message by John Omundsen God wants to work with each of us to make a difference. Our job to build our relationship with Holy Spirit that we may take the opportunities He provides.
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  • Kingdom Living - Architects of Culture, pt I Sunday 16th June's message by John Wilkie The church was never intended to be an evacuation centre, it’s meant to be a transformation centre, a vehicle that’s meant to represent and advance the Kingdom of God throughout the earth, really to bring heaven to earth.
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  • God Only Knows Sunday 9th June's message by Julie Prestidge God only know what we've been through, what people say about you. God only know the real you... and there's a God who know how to get through to you.
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