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  • Kingdom Living - Jesus' favourite sermon Pt II Sunday 17th March's message by John Wilkie. When Satan tempted Eve and then Adam to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil… they were replacing Lordship; they were becoming a judge, ruler, the decider.
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  • Kingdom living Pt I Jesus' favourite sermon Sunday 10th March's sermon by John Wilkie As a believer, the Kingdom of God is within us physically, and it’s an integral part of who we are when we accept God’s Lordship and sovereignty over us.
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  • Many parts, One voice Sunday 3rd March's message by Cathy Ogden As there are many different parts in Chorus singing coming together to create one song so there are many parts making up the Body of Christ.
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  • Christian Growth Sunday 24th February's message by Wayne Ogden Peter reminds the Christians what they are to do in order to be fruitful and productive. He mentions 7 virtues and explains the importance of cultivating them in our lives.
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  • Follow Me Sunday 17th February's message by Marty Kingi We examine the words Jesus used to call people into a relationship with Him. In Matthew 16:24 Jesus uses the words "follow Me". Today He is still calling us to do the same. Through knowing Him as the 'Good Shepherd' and by trusting Him enough to deny ourselves.
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  • What face do we show the world? Sunday 10th February's message by John Omundsen Every person is worthy of love. Let us be encouraged to show the Love of Jesus Christ to everyone.
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  • Steps on the way Sunday 3rd February's message by John Omundsen To encourage us to be aware of the presence of God we carry with us. To accomplish our destiny our walk must be more than just being obedient. We must learn to trust God and rely upon Him. This can be developed by meditating on what God has said to us and allowing that to excite and sustain our awareness of His presence with us.
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  • Prayer Sunday 27th January's message by Wayne Ogden. Can yo remember the last time you spent an hour in prayer solely to meet with Him?
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  • Building Blocks Pt IX Spiritual Warfare Sunday 13th January's message by John Wilkie Are you someone walking around like a pin cushion. Absorbing the poison of suggestive thought, anger, hatred, doubt, lustful thoughts... thoughts that run contrary to the word of God?
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  • Building Blocks to a Soild Foundation Pt1 2018-07-03 The most important question you will need to ask yourself, is 'do I know FOR SURE that I have eternal life?
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