GM3485 Moment For Dedication
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father's day 2015 dedication, also dedication to those we lost...

hook: moment for dedication
love will never fade
moment for dedication
all righteous dues will be paid
moment for dedication
you're in my heart everyday
moment for dedication
coping to keep faith

verse one: like i heard on the old school message record
don't tempt me when i'm close to the edge
i roll strong to the very end
when i stay true to family & friends
givin' it my all until the eternal moments
it's been like that since genesis
i keep it raw until revelation
i know i have faced many hardships
that's why i remain praying
my fire is built in the rap game
i know some choose to blast hate
in 2015 racism remains
papa has always told me we've come a long way
coming from haiti to america in the early 1970s
i meditate on how he's paved the way for me
and now as he copes with his dementia at the age of 80 in 2015
i pray that his remaining time will be filled with peace
these lyrics i'm writing are the realest
i'm choking up deep as i'm reciting this
gracia sr. & jr. pursuit of happiness
it's just the two of us word to will smith

verse two: hip hop is the way i do my thing
givin' a rest in peace shoutout to bb king
each expression we possess is legit
that's how i never give up, never give in
even when there's moments of temptations
i stay open through a moment of dedication
a day alive is a day well spent
since there's many who don't make it
from sunrise to sunset
i use my music as a gift
to reach others and i know we're all blessed
with different talents that we possess
in the world we all must pay dividends
by our contributions in this culture to blend
it's like rollin' on youtube with the perfect playlist
we can't conquer demons through violence
you hear all these shootings & bombings from thugs & terrorists
whether it's boston, newtown, or charleston
even a house of worship gets interrupted
leaving us all broken hearted
my heart is crying out for them
one in a million like the late aaliyah the hip hop princess
everyday there's answers to the many questions we're dealing with
that's why it's a continual dedication...

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