GM3485 GM Reign
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been seeing too many non believers deceitful
so like biggie i'm about to flip it unbelievable
bringing it juicy as a general of jersey
putting an end to all the lame mcs
who're only in the game for the money
the love is what keeps me rolling along
the strength of a bond flowing strong
in the 15th year of kicking explosive songs
at 30 you better see i'm far from a rookie
you're not coming after my empire even if your name is cookie
the street car named desire is off the hook and key
bringing it back to the essence with each exact sentence
like pete rock and cl you know the deal with the return of the mecca
knocking out competition like holyfield with the lyrical scriptures
every word that gets mentioned has the appeal with a clear picture
as a chef cooking the ingredients for a meal you see the mixture
going for the win with my skills stacked, bringing thrills in the raps
gracia miller fulfilling the contract with the ultimate impact
you better come with facts since like keith sweat i make it last
like jerry i got my house stacked when i come on to blast
teddy spits flames on tracks like rickey stole bases fast
my heart tells me that this will lead to grammies and a hall of fame plaque
living in full prosperity is key to avoiding a crash
like i mentioned real poetry don't evolve around only cash
that's why like james brown papa got a brand new bag

watch out for the reign of the veteran GM
running in this game like pac with the blood, sweat, and tears shed
busting to the top of the lane with each shot taken
as if my name was kenny the jet smith
don't even try to compete without coming correct
like r kelly mentioned in the name of love i step
with more ways to turn on your girlfriend
i'm born to reign like fresh prince will smith
bringing the pain to your click like the man method
the way i'm able to flip it will make you call code red
you might choose to live by the sword but i choose to use my pen
like my main man kel spencer has mentioned in sessions
i'm able to be like a tribe called quest and kick it
flipping the grammar like hammer as i keep it legit
motivated like the game with the name references
bringing clearance with hit after hit
like nas i'm displaying the skillful rapping that's illmatic
i'm the ultimate mc when you put all styles blended
since the poetry i compile with real affection
each rhyme is well thought out like jerry rice running routes
this is not the time that you start to doubt
since like ll cool j my mama told me to knock you out

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