GM3485 4 Romancing
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this is 4 romancing
4 more chances
beyond all circumstances
baby take my hand
we're on full command
as we ride the land
finding the promise land
now we could understand
not everything's meant to be easy
but i know u wanna be with me
as i break down my smooth poetry
the feelings of our chemistry
brings up some extasy
i know ur a special lady
the one that'll carry my babies
those hoes drive me crazy
that's why true love should never go away
i'm looking for something that'll stick
over something that's instant
so you could picture this
a true connection of mind, body, and spirit
nothing that'll fall off on clearance
let's get on with that sweet loving
that moves strong beyond any discussion
there's time to end all the fronting
since i need a wife & u need a husband
see how the clock has been ticking
so getting on board is the ticket
ignoring the whores who throw tantrems
and act like a bunch of rejects
i hate to be so blunt about this
but i wanna put an end to the doubting
let me break down what i'm about, miss
i'm presentin' something 2 cherish
that's why i'm a chief to the game like robert parish
except this ain't about game playing
i just want u to listen to what i'm saying
i know it ain't always set from delaying
which comes from fear
let's get this clear
i'm gonna wipe away your tears
since i'm 4 u dear
true dedication does appear
although outside my exterior is rough
i'm ready to give u what ur heart wants
like keith sweat mentions let's do it "one on one"
any commitment to excellence is on trust
the hunger to rep is beyond lunch
bring a pep in your step to accomplish much
each word written on the page
sets a bigger stage
to reach the airwaves
and travel overseas on airplanes
most thugs just wanna get laid
but i want something to maintain
to bring love making off the chains
as i finish up these lines
i'm gonna present the key rhymes
to let u know what's on the mind
let's fit the ring size

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