Doubt Busting Session 13 – 19 Questions Answered
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Doubt Busting Session 13 (Duration 60 Minutes) – 19 Questions Answered

(Use Time Stamps given in the beginning of every question to jump to specific question in the video on YouTube)

1. 00:19 Shashank: In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna, at some places says that one should do karma as per his nature and at the also says that one should leave everything and surrender unto Him… what is one supposed to do?

2. 19:44 Anonymous: Why subject of Spiritual Knowledge is not quickly effective in taking women out of the clutches of illusion?

3. 25:02 Gaurav Sharma: what is the reason that Shaligram is used in worshiping is it a special kind of stone what so special about it

4. 26:14 Ankit: Is it OK to eat Supari to improve my voice quality as I know Supari is Tamo Guni?

5. 28:58 Manoj Khati: There are photos of Demigods at my home and my parents would get angry if ask for removing them, what should I do?

6. 32:31 Manoj: Is there any authenticity behind Khatu Shyam Ji?

7. 36:37 Mangesh: Is there any significance of Kumbha Mela for Vaishnavs?

8. 37:28 Avinash Nandkumar: How to react if some mayawadi accuses Srila Prabhupada of misinterpreting scripture?

9. 39:20 Avinash Nandkumar: Why does Krishna refer himself directly and indirectly? For example in 15 th chapter he explains that there is a person who is above kshar and akshar. Why can't he say that I am greater than both

10. 40:05 Archit Sharma: How does Bhagavad Gita answer all the questions of life which one could think off?

11. 41:14 Archit Sharma: How can a person identify himself out of the four classes bhraman shatriya, Vashiya and Sudara for choosing his Career?

12. 50:15 Goving Singh Negi: Why Arjuna asked for seeing Abhimanyu if his illusion was removed after understanding Gita?

13. 52:45 San Sheel Mitha: Why can’t I live a luxurious life and also serve Krishna simultaneously?

14. 56:43 Nageshwar Ji: In context of Shloka 8.3, what are the characteristics that Jiva exhibits in order to be called as Brahman.

15. 58:19 Nageshwar Ji: In context of Shloka 8.3, is Jiva called as Brahman while in both the material and spiritual works or just in spiritual world?

16. 59:16 Nageshwar Ji: In context of Shloka 8.3, would Hare Krishna chanting enhance the above characteristics or is anything else is required to be done while in material world?

17. 01:03:51 Garvit Khatri: What a pure actually wants to achieve, Krishna Loka or what?

18. 01:05:06 Arun Sharma: Is putting efforts to come out of situations counters the mood of completely surrendering

19. 01:06:14 unknown: Spiritual and Material Anger

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