16 Questions Answered -DBS#014
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1. 00:31 Bed Prakash Gonjhu: If this Material Nature is under Lord Krishnas control then why does Maya create difficulties for those who want to return to Godhead?

2. 07:17 Mukesh Gomase: Is it good for office going person to chant in Office?

3. 10:12 Mukesh Gomase: How to maintain the enthusiasm in Krishna Bhakti?

4. 12:05 Mukesh Gomase: What is the best time to chant? Morning or Evening?

5. 13:20 Mukesh Gomase: Can women in her periods offer Bhoga to Lord Krishna?

6. 14:33 Mukesh Gomase: How do we eat Krishna Prasadam if we are outside for work?

7. 17:59 Vishal Jethwa: Is it right to Worship Krishna as His opulence as described in 10th Chapter of Gita?

8. 20:02 Archit Sharma: How to control mind?

9. 29:04 Archit Sharma: How to develop the mentality of working
without desire of results?

10. 32:29 Nageshwar Ji: Is our Material Body Mini Universe? How to understand Krishna’s energies in our Body?

11. 35:19 Tushar: Isn’t it possible that those we call Gods are but Aliens and Space Travellers?

12. 38:08 Anurag Mittal: Can Humans reborn as Animalss also? It is not so as per Brahmkumaris.

13. 41:12 Anurag Mittal: Can we change our fate by chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra?

14. 45:19 Tushar: Is Universe by Big Bang or God Created it? Etc.

15. 50:09 Suman: Who are Pitra Devs?

16. 51:31 Sachinandan Das: Is it a Sin to kill ants just like it a sin to kill Humans?

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