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  • Episode 19 ITS EARLY THIS WEEK FOOLS!!! We talk [REC], "Creep", and "10 Cloverfield Lane" and go on too much about Ti West pacing in our conclusion of our found footage chapter. SPOILERS FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE VERY END OF "10 Cloverfield Lane"!!! Next week it's still up in the air! SEND US SUGGESTIONS!
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  • Episode 18 FINALLY EPISODE 18!!! We talk "Blair Witch", "Cloverfield", and "The Sacrament" in explicit fashion. PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED! Next week, we conclude with [REC], "Creep", and "10 Cloverfield Lane"!
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  • Prologue to Episode 18
    Prologue to Episode 18 IT'S *not quite* EPISODE 18 of FOR RICHER AND FOR HORROR!!! AGH!!! In this prologue to the full episode, Peter explains that the gang is too busy to record a full podcast. And they're gonna need the time as they're discussing at least: Blair Witch Project Cloverfield The Sacrament [REC] They're hoping (focus on the hope) to also add "Creep" and "V/H/S" to the mix, but that all depends on how things go in the coming days (both are available on Netflix currently for your viewing pleasure). In the meantime, listen to Peter rant about horror news, upcoming horror movies, trends that bug him in horror currently, and get into a weird place mentally about Fuller House. IT GETS WEIRD PEOPLE!
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  • Episode 17
    Episode 17 ‚ÄčEPISODE 17 FOOLS!!! It's Jurassic World time! (also Jurassic Park 3)! We discuss early childhood, weird masculinity politics, examine having your cake and eating it too, hilarious high heels, go off the rails hard, and examine of the failures of criticizing something without actually acknowledging it as faulty, and much much more! Next week (hopefully): IT BEGINS! FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR with Cloverfield, [Rec], and The Sacrament.
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  • Episode 16
    Episode 16 EPISODE 16 FOOLS! This week Sarah and Peter run crazy with tangents discussing what makes "Jurassic Park" so good while bemoaning the sad state of "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" in comparison. Also Legos. Also also weird probing discussions into the life of 3 year old Peter Gifford. Also politics?! All this and more in the latest Episode of For Richer and For Horror! Also Spoilers. Get with the program people! Next week: Run-The-Series continues with Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World!
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  • For Richer and For Horror Episode 15
    For Richer and For Horror Episode 15 Today in really downer news, it's by far the most depressing episode of FOR RICHER AND FOR HORROR! We watched realism thrillers this week and man, they're real uplifting, happy go-lucky times. Listen to Sarah and Peter go on about the sobering realities of violence and its impact on the unfortunate people who just happen to get caught in the wake. It's fun cheery times discussing "Blue Ruin", "Sicario", and "Zero Dark Thirty". All great films, just maybe not super great to watch in immediate succession. ENJOY!!! Next week we're on break, but the week after that we're running ALL THE JURASSIC PARKS! GET EXCITED! Also spoilers.
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  • Episode 14
    Episode 14 (Insert crappy Coldplay lyric mangled recognizably to reference Horror movies) ITS RICHER AND FOR HORROR EPISODE 14!!! Hey, we recorded during the SuperBowl! Look at us! For this week's very special Valentine's day episode, we examine the horrors (and go hard with spoilers of love). We watch and discuss to death "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind", "Her", and "My Bloody Valentine 3D". Listen as Sarah gets mad at lonely guys falling in love with ideas of women and robot women! Listen as we give weird disclaimers about toxic relationships! Listen as Sarah calls out Scarlet Johansen for using too sexy of a voice in movies! Listen as Sarah discusses in awe what might be the longest scene of gratuitous nudity we've run across so far. So enjoy the love, kids! And be warned, spoilers are everywhere! Next week, we're going into some very modern, critically beloved thrillers. We discuss "Sicario" and "Blue Ruin". "Sicario" can be found for relatively cheap at Redbox, and "Blue Ruin" is available at Netflix RIGHT NOW!
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  • For Richer Episode 12
    For Richer Episode 12 Whoop! Whoop! Dat's the sound of Episode 12! Whoop! Whoop! That's For Richer Episode 12! This week, we hope you've already seen "The Stepford Wives", its 2004 remake, and 2015's "Ex Machina" because WE SPOIL THE EVER LOVING CRAP OUT OF EM'! We dive deep into the role of misogyny, robot warfare, humanity in the universe, and much much more! Sarah even recites most of the plot of a movie by memory! BY MEMORY! IT'S SO CRAZY! Also excerpts from our other favorite bell-ringing, hair cutting podcasts! Also it's a long episode! What's not to love! Send us e-mails: Send us tweets: @RichernHorror Send us kitties! (DO NOT ACTUALLY SEND US KITTIES) Next week we watch: Insidious 3, as well as start in on our giant monster unit with: "Them!", "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All Out Giant Monster Battle", and "Godzilla" (2014). Get excited Bossler!
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  • Episode 11
    Episode 11 This week we engage in Sarah's favorite task ever! Remembering! We celebrate the old, sad, decrepit remains of our 2015 year of podcasting, discussing out TOP 5 movies we watched for the first time in our year of 2015, and talking about movies we're looking forward to in 2016 (not a whole lot). Listen for laughs, chills, spills, and Sarah rolling her eyes at movie picks that are just sooooooo boring compared to hers. Sarah's Top 5: 1. The Others 2. The Babadook 3. You're Next 4. Krampus 5. Insidious Peter's Top 5: 1. The Innkeepers (even though he'd already seen it) 2. The Conjuring 3. The Guest 4. Until Dawn (Yeah, it's a video game, but it's hard thinking of movies I haven't ever seen before) 5. It Follows Next week: We watch "The Stepford Wives", the 2004 remake, and "Ex Machina". "Stepford Wives" is available on youtube, it's remake is available on Netflix, and "Ex Machina" is available on Amazon Prime. Special thanks to Peter Jorgensen for help publishing!
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  • For Richer Episode 10
    For Richer Episode 10 AGH! EPISODE 10! In this week's super rushed episode we review Automaton Transfusion/Tales From the Darkside/Paddington! Sorry, no show notes due to being rushed. Also SPOILERS FOR AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION AND THE MIDDLE SEGMENT OF TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE! (You can find Tales from the Darkside on Netflix) Next week, we are still determining what we are doing, BUT THE SHOW WILL GO ON!
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