Frank Kern is an internet marketing consultant. Frank Kern is the creator of Mass Control and List Control. Frank Kern is also a direct response Internet Marketing copywriter and consultant serving the information marketing and educational industries.

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  • Frank Kern Holy Grail for Online Marketing Success After locking himself away for four straight months he developed a promotional template for himself to use in his ad campaigns. He was able to do TEN MILLION dollars in sales from this method and he decided it was time to teach his holy grail of marketing discovery to others. Frank unveils his methods in his newest Mass Conversion classes and anyone looking for sales tips, how to sell online, or a new marketing strategy would benefit from it. Frank Kern promises Mass Conversion will be completely different than anything else you've ever tried. The class is broken down into five different modules which show you the exact strategies and techniques Frank Kern has been using for the last fifteen years to make himself rich. Not only will his sales tips help increase conversion rates and get buyers but it also will show you how to build a continuous income stream. He also shares new target marketing strategies that are working right now. Frank Kern has spent over three hundred thousand dollars on paid advertising strategies recently and has discovered the secret on attracting BUYERS to your site not just traffic. The five week class is taught live by Frank Kern and offers weekly conference calls so students can directly ask him questions. The modules are stored online in a members' only website so it is easily accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Even if you don't sign up for the class Frank Kern has an informative forty five minute video that will help people looking to improve their online marketing strategies. To learn more about the class and get the video visit the link on the screen now. Frank Kern on Twitter https://twitter.com/Frank_Kern See this interview http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brian-horn/frank-kerns-secret-to-suc_b_5785006.html#.
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