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  • Model Bisnes
    Model Bisnes Model Bisnes Kenapa ada bisnes TUTUP KEDAI?
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  • Content Marketing Vs CopyWriting Content marketing is the creation of valuable content that has a marketing purpose. For example, my company creates an awesome special report, and we exchange it for your email address and your permission to educate you further about our stuff. Copywriting is designed to get the reader to take a specific action. Sometimes that’s making a purchase, but it can also be confirming an email opt-in, calling for more information, or going into a store to check out the merchandise. Content marketing is blogs, white papers, and viral video. Copywriting is sales pages, infomercials, and direct mail. Two different critters, right? Well, not if you’re doing it right. Content without copywriting is a waste of good content
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  • Ayat Jualan Batang Hidung Ayat Jualan Batang Hidung
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