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  • 7-22-18 What Hinders Me from Being Baptized? Have you ever been curious about why people get baptized? This message gives some perspective on the meaning of baptism for Christians.
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  • 7-8-18 Listen First Part 2 of a series on the prophet Ezekiel, this message deals with the the idea that before we can speak with any authority about God, we first have to become listeners, who allow ourselves to be shaped and changed by God's words.
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  • 6-24-18 God In the Storm Part one of a series on Ezekiel, "The Watchman of Israel," Pastor Jack explores the symbolism in Ezekiel's first great vision, and what it says about finding God in the midst of the storm. For Ezekiel and the Judean exiles relocated to the banks of the Chebar river in Babylon, it was a very storm time; yet God was still with them.
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  • 6-17-18 Choose This Day Especially relevant for Father's Day, this message looks at Joshua's challenge to the leaders of ancient Israel's families and tribes to "Choose this day whom you will serve..."
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  • 4-29-18 Are We There Yet? Based on Joshua 5 and Hebrews 5. A message about spiritual maturity, asking when do we choose to become spiritual grown ups?
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  • 4-22-18 Real Love This message asks us to think about how we "measure" our gifts to God.
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  • 4-8-18 Evidence and the Resurrection A thoughtful reflection on the debate between faith and evidence about Jesus' resurrection, focusing on the differences between the gospel empty tomb stories.
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  • 4-1-18 When the Darkness Gave Way Easter message. Without the eyes of faith, darkness is the greatest power in the universe. But we are light bearers in a dark world, because we carry the same message that Christ gave to Mary Magdalene when he told her to go and tell his disciples that he had risen.
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  • 3-25-18 Rejoice Greatly, Your King Is Coming A Palm Sunday comparison of the character of Christ as a king with worldly conceptions of kings and powerful political leaders.
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  • 3-11-18 The Just Shall Live by Faith What is God's response to human questions about justice and unfairness in a sometimes dark world? This sermon on Habbakuk explores the link between one of the most important New Testament formulations of Christian belief with its origins in Habbakuk.
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