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  • 12-17-17 Why Bethlehem? An Advent sermon asking why God chose the little village of Bethlehem for the miracle of Christ's coming to take place, why a manger and why shepherds?
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  • 11-26-17 A Message In a Bottle Jesus said no one can serve two masters, God and money--except, he didn't say, "Money." He said, "Mammon," which was a name, characterizing money/material things as a deity. And Mammon is a MEAN deity. The secret of a life free from worry? Serve the master who will command better things of you.
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  • 11-19-17 The Economics of Fearlessness Are you worried about the economy? Anxious about financial security? Listen to this reflection on the words of a homeless man.
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  • 11-12-17 Abide In Me Pastor Jack Gilstrap's 20th anniversary sermon at First Baptist Church, Abilene, Kansas.
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  • 11-5-17 The Ongoing Struggle with Sin Sometimes it feels like we are split personalities. Romans 7 deals with the ongoing struggle, throughout the Christian life, between the old, dark nature of sin and the new life in the Spirit.
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  • 10-15-18 How Do You Think God Feels About You? Often, the reason people make a commitment to Christ, but don't continue with it long-term, is because they made the decision on the basis of intellectual belief, but emotional unbelief eventually overwhelms them. How we FEEL about God has a lot to do with how we think God feels about us.
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  • 10-8-17 The Big Invite Do you really WANT to be part of the party of the ages? Jesus' parable of the Great Supper.
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  • The Unstoppable Fungus of the Kingdom Part 5 in a series on the Parables. What is the Kingdom of God like? How does it exert influence? Do you think we need to mobilize our political strength as Christians to bring change in our society? Think again. That's not how Jesus says we are meant to go about it.
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  • 9-17-17 How Big Are Your Barns A message on Jesus' "Parable of the Rich Fool."
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  • 9-10-17 What Kind of Religion Do You Have People think that Jesus' parable of the "Good Samaritan" is a simple story about helping people in need. It is a lot more deeply layered. In this sermon, Pastor Jack talks about how it describes two kinds of religion, two ways of relating to God. "Who is my neighbor?" asks the expert in the law who questions Jesus. "Who isn't?" Jesus, in essence, answers.
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