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  • 3-17-19 Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere The next in the "What Jesus Said" series, this message looks at Jesus' response to the thief who died beside him at Calvary who put faith in him at the last moment.
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  • 3-10-19 What Jesus Said from the Cross...About Forgiveness From the message:'Yet from that cross, Jesus forgave the people who put him there. Not only forgave them, but prayed for them. Interceded on their behalf...Jesus' example calls for a response. The fact that Jesus was extraordinary does not get us off the hook. We pray, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” The forgiveness Christ has shown to undeserving people calls for us to develop forgiveness toward undeserving people.'
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  • 3-3-19 What Jesus Said About the Holy Spirit Part 3 of the "What Jesus Said" series. From the sermon: "Revelation is progressive. First God revealed himself as holy and transcendent to a tribe of people, and taught them to worship. Then he revealed himself more intimately in Jesus. Then he sent the Holy Spirit, and became present to all who believe, at all times and places. For each of us, as individual believers, that revealing is still progressive, fragment by fragment; a process that continues daily under the guidance of the Spirit, until we have a story to tell."
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  • 2-17-19 What Jesus Said--About God It matters that we examine what Jesus really said about important matters, because we get ideas about what he thought from many other places.
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  • 2-10-19 Love Is the Reason, 2 Based on 1 John 4. From the sermon: "Hate takes practice. But so does love. First you have to learn it, then you have to do it. What makes our faith real? How do we know that our belief is not a mirage, or that the person telling us God's message isn't a fake? To quote the old proverb, the proof is in the pudding."
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  • 1-27-19 Day of Decision A message on the calling of Matthew. There comes a time when we decide, to follow Jesus a little here, a little there, or to go all-in.
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  • 1-20-19 What's Right With the World People Jesus heals a sick man, and first forgives his sins. The scribes think this is blasphemy. It's the beginning of a conflict that will persist throughout his ministry over the status quo concept of sin and sinners and how God views people. What we believe about God strongly influences our attitudes and behaviors.
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  • 10-21-18 The Priesthood of All Believers Part of a series on the distinctive beliefs and practices of Baptists, this message focuses on the belief that every person has direct access to God through Jesus Christ, and that all believers are also ministers to each other and to the world.
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  • 9-9-18 Fear God or Fear Everything Else Who do you BELIEVE in? The Gospel's concept of belief is much bigger than our modern understanding of it. It means to trust in, cling to, and totally rely upon. When it comes to our worries and fears, do we really trust God?
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  • 7-22-18 What Hinders Me from Being Baptized? Have you ever been curious about why people get baptized? This message gives some perspective on the meaning of baptism for Christians.
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