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  • Speed up Your Website through AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Since 24th of February, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages have been the talk of the tech town. It was on this date that Google search results included links to mobile-friendly websites, developed with the help of this open-source project. And with this, it becomes highly imperative to know about AMP. Read more at: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=googles-amp-accelerated-mobile-pages-speed-up-your
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  • Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Optimized Ads Mobile usage trends have considerably changed over the past few years. Especially, after the advent and emergence of Smartphones, things have become pretty different on the mobile front. The moment you step out, you can be sure to see innumerable users hooked on to their Smartphones or devices. Whether at a food parlor, cars, or at theatres, this is a common sight we get to watch. - Read more at: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=everything-you-need-to-know-about-mobile-optimized
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  • Pinterest Launches New Rich Pin Type 'How-To Pins The world of social media is a highly interesting one. Other than revolutionizing communication, social media platforms impart an entirely new connotation to human interactions. One of the most prominent and popular member of this league is Pinterest. By offering an interactive platform for sharing common interests, Pinterest helps you create an entire community of like-minded individuals. Read here: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=pinterest-launches-new-rich-pin-type-how-to-pins
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  • Instagram Moving To Interest Based Feed By introducing an algorithm-based feed, Instagram seems to get into the shoes of Facebook. According to Instagram’s announcement, this particular social media platform will now arrange videos, photos, and images according to user interests. - See more at: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=instagram-moving-to-interest-based-feed
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  • Why India Has Become Popular Place for Outsource SEO Service India has always been a popular destination for outsourcing SEO services. The various advantages of outsourcing these unique services to India have certainly helped it to become one of the biggest outsourcing countries. If you are still wondering whether it will be wise for you to outsource SEO services to India then make sure to go through some of the vital benefits or perks that you will be able to enjoy after availing the services of SEO professionals in India. Read more here: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=why-india-has-become-popular-place-for-outsource-s
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  • Best Way to Help SEO and Drive Sales Growth by Online Custom As a business owner, it is very important to maintain your reputation online. These days whenever a customer or a prospective customer hears about your business, they look up your business online and only once you have a proper online reputation, they would be opt in to deal with your business. - See more at: http://www.ezrankings.org/blog-details.php?blogdetails=best-way-to-help-seo-and-drive-sales-growth-by-onl
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