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We're a small group of film fans dedicated to celebrating the cinematic art of exploding helicopters. You may not have noticed before, but helicopters in films have a curious tendency to blow-up. Often in bizarre circumstances.

For too long, this phenomenon has remained undocumented, under-researched and unappreciated. But we’re determined to change that.

We're attempting to catalogue every chopper fireball that’s been captured on celluloid. We want to eulogise those films which show innovative, imaginative and ingenious helicopter explosions. As well as point the finger at those directors who dishonour the genre with poorly executed whirlybird conflagrations.

As the world’s only scholars of helicopter explosions in film, we take our work seriously. We make no apology for the irreverent approach we may take to the rest of movie.

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  • Exploding Helicopter - Apocalypse Now
    Exploding Helicopter - Apocalypse Now "Never get out of the boat." In a break from the usual programming, Will travels upriver alone on this show to review Apocalypse Now (1979). On the journey, he considers how the film's uncanny parallels to a package holiday - albeit, one with a little light homicide thrown in. Episode 60.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Lasko Death Train “Next time we’ll take a cruise.” On this show Will is joined by Doug Tilley from Eric Roberts Is The Man to review the bizarre faith-based martial arts movie Lasko: Death Train (2005). The film sees its hero, a peace-seeking monk, recruited into a secret paramilitary group dedicated to protecting the church. Along the way he has to fight terrorists, a deadly virus, and some truly horrendous dubbing. And there’s also two stone cold classic exploding helicopters. Episode 59.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Game Over Man
    Exploding Helicopter - Game Over Man “Band aids and butterbeans, we’re online.” On this show Will is joined by DJ Valentine from Simplistic Reviews to review the new Netflix action-comedy Game Over, Man (2018). Among the topics of discussion, the film’s Die Hard pastiche, what on earth Daniel Stern is doing in this, the off-colour humour, and – of course – the exploding helicopter action. Episode 58.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Ultraviolet
    Exploding Helicopter - Ultraviolet “I was born into a world you may not understand.” On this show Will and Dara suck the blood out of Milla Jovovich’s sci-fi vampire flick Ultraviolet (2006). They discuss the film’s strange use of visual effects, vampires that don’t act like vampires, and the music career of Milla Jovovich. They also take a look at Ultraviolet’s spectacular exploding helicopter action. Episode 55.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Ant Man
    Exploding Helicopter - Ant Man “Whose pyjamas are these?” On this show Will is joined by Troy-Jeffrey Allen from Action A Go Go to talk about Ant Man (2015). They take a dive into the characters comic book history, discuss where it fits in Marvel’s recent output, and review the unique exploding helicopter sequence (even though Troy completed missed it). Episode 54.
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  • Shooter
    Shooter “I don't think you understand, these boys killed my dog.” On this show Will and Dara take a look at assassination conspiracy thriller Shooter (2007) starring Mark Wahlberg and Danny Glover. Among the topics of debate: Mark Wahlberg’s controversial disguise, Danny Glover’s teeth, and does this film contain one of the poorest helicopter explosions we’ve yet seen. Episode 53.
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  • Exploding Helicopter -  World War Z
    Exploding Helicopter - World War Z “Looks like we just woke the dead.” Will is joined by his regular shambling, brain dead sidekick Dara to take a look at big budget zombie action spectacular World War Z (2013). Among the topics of discussion: the film’s toothless approach to gore, it’s controversially re-shot ending, and a rare, zombie-related exploding helicopter. Episode 52.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Olympus Has Fallen
    Exploding Helicopter - Olympus Has Fallen “Get me some coffee. Half and half. Three sweet'n’lows. In a real cup.” Will is joined by occasional Exploding Helicopter sidekick and self-confessed action movie luddite Joe Clift to discuss Olympus Has Fallen (2013). They talk about the villain’s curious politics, Gerard Butler’s head-stabbing antics while Joe tries to recall if he’s ever watched Die Hard. And as always the pair look at the film’s explosive helicopter action. Episode 51.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - The Delta Force
    Exploding Helicopter - The Delta Force “Whatever happens, we’ll always remember our silver wedding anniversary.” On this show Will takes Dara hostage in order to review the 1980s action classic The Delta Force (1986). Among the topics of discussions: the film’s surprisingly accurate dramatisation of a real-life airplane hijacking, how on earth the cast stars four Oscar winners, And they also examine the film’s stunning exploding helicopter and what may well be the greatest opening scene in cinematic history. Episode 50.
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  • Exploding Helicopter - Zero Dark Thirty
    Exploding Helicopter - Zero Dark Thirty “If you lie to me I hurt you.” On this show Will is joined by Ben Dadds from Top Film Tip for an enhanced interrogation of Zero Dark Thirty (2012). They unpick the controversy around the film’s depiction of torture, what story Kathryn Bigelow was trying to tell, and a considered discussion as to who among the cast wears the worst wig. They also examine the film’s exploding helicopter action which “really gets the helicopter hormones going”. Episode 49.
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