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  • Dog Eat Dog World
    Dog Eat Dog World original recording. by evan.catalano. 2016(c)
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  • Analogue Reel to Real (only top snare and remix) Analogue Reel to Real (only top snare and remix)
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  • Analogue Reel to Real original song
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  • distorted garden - no appetite
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  • Sour Air - Too Far South - (Catskin Recordings)
    Sour Air - Too Far South - (Catskin Recordings) 2 tracks in 1.. All lyrics and music by Evan Catskin (c)2016. lyrics: --------Sour Air-------- The room is lit the air is sour Smells like the greed of man And the stink of power Angels flying through the air like a fairy tale The smaller problems transitioning to a larger scale People falling down too fast out of this plain Perhaps a place where there’s much more to gain Sufferings arising along with the fall Of all of those who stand tall Scrape our minds of the memories Of what this place should have ever been -------Too Far South------- Who do you trust if you’re always looking over your shoulder As the warm air gets sucked out the wind blows colder All your dreams are now melting away Better do something about it today No day like today as they say Can’t sit around and expect it to happen this way If you’re not putting anything in you won’t get anything out So do what you must before your life travels too far south Time to get all your ducks in a row and yourself in line Because you know we don’t got a lot of time Before mass extinction before the apocalypse Please remain calm and don’t panic if your heart skips Another beat and gone away and forgotten along with All your good intentions that you seemed to have missed
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