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  • Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning How frustrating is it to call up a repair guy or anyone and have them tell you that they can help you out between 11am and 4pm. As if you are supposed to just sit around waiting for them all day and don't have anything better to do. Haven't they heard of cell phones, or better yet setting an appointment and sticking to it. Well if you want a repair company that values your time as much as they value their own then you need to call Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning if you are in Newark, DE. They are a very fair and honest company that tries to make sure that customer service is their main goal each time out. Save their number in case you need it. Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning 68 Albe Dr, Newark, DE 19702 302-416-4730 http://www.enhancedheatingandair.net/
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