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Emoshoon Ophy Bio
Founded in the summer of 2010 Emoshoon Ophy comes from a very interesting and unique background. Their music travels through several genres, and their passion for music shines through in every track that they put together. Even though they lived close together in Nigeria, the duo didn’t meet until 2010. There was a get together in Antwerp where the two met and the musical journey would begin.
Music and Life Mix
Both members have roots firmly placed in musical journey. As a part of daily life music is a part of the framework of their lives. Emoshoon’s grandmother was part of a traditional dance group and took her along. It was there that a love for music grew into something that was an integral part of daily routine, and it is that love that shines through within the music that you hear.
Ophy on the other hand grew up listening to music from all over the world. He was able to gain an appreciation for music from his Aunt that would introduce him to an eclectic mix. If that wasn’t enough, a radio Dj lived right next door, opening up a window to the musical world that would otherwise not manifest. From being a lover of music, to writing, and promoting music, Ophy brings together a passion that is heard through and through each track.
The Journey Takes Shape
Emoshoon’s eye for music came from a young age, and was cultivated into a career path that would not be stopped. Traveling to Europe, and looking for help a lot of producers attempted to work within her musical passion. However, they didn’t seem to help cultivate the songs too well, a problem that many artists face with production. Things changed when Ophy and Emoshoon met as there was a unity that was created within the world of music and that was when things started to really come together for the duo.
It was in 2011 that Ophy’s love for music was directed into the picture by Emoshoon who directed him into the mix, as she was center stage before, and the duo really started to create an international appealing sound that is like no other that you will hear.
Freedom In The Skies
When you start to really look at the connection that Emoshoon Ophy has with one another in terms of artistry, you will see that they are soaring above the notes. Their love and passion for music shines and it can be a reason for their tremendous popularity. They have admiration, and connection with the audience that few artists have, which is why you will find their music to be eclectic, powerful, and quite simply unifying.
From humble beginnings, the two have found a way to create incredible music. Emoshoon has even won awards including Best Nigerian Singer in 2013 at the NEU Awards. Ophy’s love for poetry and lyrical complexities, is a nice counter balance to Emoshoon’s incredible vocals, which makes the duo unstoppable. Ophy’s writing and creative skills and Emoshoon’s passion for music is a serious force that will only grow in time as they continue to gain fans through their unique and passionate sound.

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