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Real Name: Emiljan Gjoni
Artistic Name: Emilian Johnny
Alternate Name: PsyMatic
Music Style: Trance / House / Psychedelic Trance

Passion for music led him to play music
in his adolescent years.
Born in Albania, in 1989.
Emilian Johnny he moved in Greece around 1997,
hoping to find better life than those he faced in Albania.
During that time the competition to
be a DJ at most clubs was very high,
so he refocused his efforts in becoming a
DJ in pirate radio, around 2003.
His career soon skyrocketed, and as a result he quickly
made DJing his full-time occupation.
At age 16, Emilian Johnny he started his
official career as a DJ in 2005.
He started playing a much edgier and futuristic style,
with more to do with House Music than the House sound
he was mostly identified with as a DJ until that time.

From 2005 Until 2007, he also started touring along with playing House Music as a DJ with name
' DJ VASSILIS ' In Greece.

In 2008 during this time he decided to produce
his own music and quickly
turned into a major commercial operation,
without gaining something from what
he did as for example (money).
he had abandoned DJing around 2008
to dedicate himself to Producing and mixing full-time,
but couldn't stay away from the Decks,
and started spinning again in early 2009 - 2011
and the scene had really become much more
international on the web.

By 2012,his career as an artist did not stop evolving,
as he rekindled his interest for a more electronic and
Atmospheric sound and the release of his
1st Album in 26 May 2013.
Style: Chillout / Atmosheric.
Available On Soundcloud!
And also his
2nd Album in 30 April 2013.
Style: Trance / Atmospheric.
Available On Soundcloud Also!

He started also producing much edgier and futuristic style,
with more to do with House & Trance
than the Two Styles it was mostly identified with the
best styles of electronic dance music until that time.

His Artistic name and style,have helped gain him
many younger fans & friends that may not have been
aware of his work,
which in turn has led to the timely Summer 2013
released of his newest compilations on beatport!
Called: PSYMATIC [ 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05 The Final ]
The title, based from his alternate name: PsyMatic.

In April 2013 his focuses on House & Trance
in all of its forms
and where the format is extremely eclectic, ranging from
House / Progressive House / Electro / Trance / Progressive Trance and to the
Psy-Trance & Psy-Progressive,
as well as Electro house music and Techno.

Finally In 2013,he was inducted into the Electronic
Dance Music with the both as a Producer & DJ.
In 2013 Also His
3th Album In 21 September 2013
Style: Atmospheric / Deep House
Available On Soundcloud!

* Artistic Name: EMILIAN JOHNNY.
* Alternate Name: (PsyMatic).
> Style: Trance / Progressive Trance / Techno / Psy-Progressive / Psy-Trance.
> Style: House / Progressive House / Electro House.
Also > Deep House / Minimal & Tech House.

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