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  • Gravity by Miyavi
    Gravity by Miyavi Translation; This sky is darkening to grey and the trees are sighing This black, muddy rain is the tears of the earth Mouth clogged up with concrete The feathers are also chipped for self-interest Is there still a reason to live? Is there still something worth protecting? Small star's small me The wishes I've made were already too late Before I knew I could do it The restrains had bond anything and everything I'm already broken LET ME OUT Dragging my small feet Blaming others for ones crimes Where did my embarrassed dreams vanish? What did they turn into? Ego keeps giving birth to ego And invoking other egos I think I'm stuck in this rotten circle It's making me sick LET ME OUT She's crying crying
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  • Moon by Miyavi
    Moon by Miyavi Translation; Hey moon, baby don't be so mean Beggin' u tell me where she's weepin' I know u've been watchin' everythin' on the globe Since we've been created for seekin' the love Hey moon, I wonder why u so quiet? Even now the world's goin' under to an end If you would've been a mirror to reflect what we do Then maybe we could've avoided Ima onaji tsuki wo miteru Sekai ga moeteku shizuka na yoru ni Hey moon, I bet u'll be shinnin' up there All through the nights over a million years Even after we all human disappear from here This planet's history into thin air I know nothing could ever stay in forever Like the sun and u moon can never get closer ever Ima ni mo nakidashisou na kumo ni notte Kasunda yozora wo tonde iketa nara Hey moon, am I wrong? I still believe in Our prayers ain't goin' although all beings fleetin' Now in a silent night, the world is bleedin' I'm singin' not knowing where she is weepin'
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